The Nose Knows: Simple Tips to Keep Your Sense of Smell Sharp

Your sense of smell not only helps you perceive various odors, but also assist you distinguish flavors! It’s exactly because of this very reason why foods suddenly seem so unappetizing when your nose is stuffy. There is no denying that your sense of smell is a major role player no matter if you are on the hunt for that perfect perfume or about to put a spoonful of pistachio ice cream in your mouth!

Experts say that the sense of smell naturally declines with age. However, just because you are only in your 20s, 30s or 40s does not mean that the ability of your nose to smell as well as lend a hand to your taste buds will always stay first-rate regardless of what you do. There are certain habits that can greatly diminish your sense of smell, and it is very much possible that you are guilty of doing some of them without your knowledge!


So without further ado, here are some smart tips on how to keep your sense of smell in a superb shape:


Get Your Regular Dose of Exercise

According to a study, participants who exercised had better smelling abilities afterwards than those who led sedentary lifestyles. Scientists are not really sure as to why, but they believe it has something to do with the fact that exercising helps increase blood supply to the nose as well as the brain.


Stay Away From Smoking

We all know that smoking is a habit that leads to all sorts of terrible consequences. One of the many, many unfavorable effects of smoking is a diminished sense of smell. Quiet evidently, it’s for the fact that the smoke emitted by tobacco packs chemicals that can irritate and eventually damage the nerves in your nose. Furthermore, smoking impedes normal blood circulation, thus depriving your nose (and so many other organs) of oxygen and nutrients.


Minimize Exposure to Polluted Air

Are you living in the city? Chances are that your sense of smell pales in comparison with that of someone who is living in, say, the suburbs or country. It’s because poisonous compounds in polluted air can actually kill off cells in your nose prematurely. According to experts, the lifespan of the cells in your nose is about 3 weeks. By inhaling polluted air, many of those cells die away before they are fully replaced with new ones.


Reduce Your Intake of Alcohol

It’s common knowledge that drinking alcohol can impair your judgment. Did you know that it can also keep your nose from functioning properly? The good news is the unfavorable effect of alcohol on your sense of smell is temporary only — but don’t use this as an excuse to drink like there’s no tomorrow!


Take Short Sniffs Rather Than Long Ones

Experts say that you can benefit tremendously from doing short sniffs when indulging in the smell of something you love, be it a bunch of flowers or a massive slice of black forest cake, rather than taking really long ones. They explain that doing the later will only deaden the nerves in your nose, thus temporarily causing your sense of smell to weaken.


Eat Zinc- and Vitamin B12-Rich Foods

A medical condition that is characterized by an impaired sense of smell exists, and it’s called hyposmia. Experts say that it can usually be linked to deficiency in either zinc or vitamin B12. So in order to keep your nose like that of a bloodhound’s, ensure that your everyday diet consists of foods that are loaded with zinc and vitamin B12. Good sources of zinc are seafood, beef, lamb, spinach, mushrooms, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate. On the other hand, superb food sources of vitamin B12 include meat, poultry, fish and fortified food products.


Keep Your Intake of Dairy to a Minimum

Last but not least, you should consider reducing your consumption of milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products. That’s because they are scientifically-proven to cause excess mucus production, which can definitely wreak havoc to your sense of smell. Fatty and sugary foods can also have the same effect.



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