Fitness Amazing Benefits to Enjoy for Doing Wall Sits

Amazing Benefits to Enjoy for Doing Wall Sits

Not too many people these days are aware of wall sits. You can consider this form of exercise as a lost art of sculpting the legs, buttocks and abdomen. If you are looking for an excellent way to tone your lower extremities and also midsection, read on to learn more about wall sits.

When you watch someone doing wall sits, you might think that it’s too simple and easy to deliver results. Wait until you do them yourselves — a few seconds into it and you will surely start feeling the burn!

It’s exactly for this reason why wall sits can help you attain your dream figure. Unfortunately, this exercise type is often eclipsed by the likes of lunges and squats, which are often advertised as some of the best ways to have your lower body sculpted. However, they are just some of the best, and not the only best ones.

Below are some of the benefits to enjoy for doing wall sits on a regular basis. Later on in this article, you will learn how to perform wall sits properly, so don’t stop reading!

Toned Legs

Wall sits are primarily designed to tone the legs. They are especially very good at toning the calf and thigh muscles, which are common problem areas in the lower extremities.

Flatter Belly

Even though it seems like your legs are doing all the work, your abdominal muscles are also doing their share. This is why wall sits can help in flattening your stomach.

Shapely Butt

If you want to be spotted with a behind that’s curvy and taut, consider doing wall sits on a regular basis — it’s something that targets the large muscle groups that make up your bum.

More Calories Burned

Performing wall sits is a great idea for shedding off excess pounds. Because wall sits are harder to do than they look, they help in burning unwanted calories.

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Improved Endurance

Wall sits require to be maintained for a few seconds, and this is the reason why they can help in having your endurance improved. The longer you hold a wall sit position, the better the results.

Stronger Knees

Just like lunges and squats, wall sits may seem like they are tough on the knees. However, doing them properly can actually help in having your knees strengthened.

So how do you do wall sits properly? Here are the simple steps to follow:

Lean against a wall with your feet about 6 inches apart. 

Slowly lower your body. The goal is to have your legs bent at a 90° angle. 

As you slide down, adjust the positioning of your feet accordingly. 

Make sure that your toes and knees are all in a straight line, just like when doing lunges or squats properly. 

Also, your back should be straight and your neck should be neutral. 

Your hands can be anywhere you want — palms flat against the wall, or on your thighs or waist. 

Hold the position for about 15 to 20 seconds. 

If you are a beginner, aim for 10 to 12 seconds each time. You may also skip aiming for a 90° angle, but do your best to come close to it.

It’s not just holding the position longer that can get you better results each time you are doing wall sits. You can actually clutch a pair of dumbbells for extra challenge. Aside from letting your arms dangle to your sides, you can actually perform bicep curls while doing wall sits — doing two exercises all at once helps save precious time, and it also lets you enjoy results at a much faster rate!

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