How to Get Slimmer Thighs?

Toning, strengthening, and shaping your thighs actually has plenty of benefits to offer you such as being able to jump higher, move faster, and be more stable too while walking, running, or any other activity that you are doing. And it’s not just about making you fit into those skinny jeans, but rather also helping improve your cardiovascular health as well. Since there is no spot workout that can train your thighs, the best thing to do is to look for exercises that focus on this part and surrounding muscles like the ones below.

Use the stairs

One way to help you slim and strengthen your thighs is to make use of the stairs in your building. Most of us tend to use the elevator or escalator, but since you are trying to reduce your thighs, you will need to work them out. If you can run up and down the stairs, you are adding more calories getting burned.

Scissor power switch

When it comes to exercise, this killer move is going to make you burn more calories while trimming your thighs at the same time. Stand straight then bring your right food ahead of you with your left leg at the back then lower yourself into a runner’s lunge. Reach your left arm towards the right foot wile your right arm is extended behind you. Now push off the floor using your feet to jump up straight while scissoring your legs in the middle so that, when you go into a runner’s lunge as you land, it is your left foot that is in front of you. Continue alternating until you do 10 to 15 reps.

Challenge yourself in resistance training

Another way for you to achieve slimmer thighs is to include resistance training in your weekly workout to increase the number of calories that you burn while reducing fat mass at the same time. This will also help strengthen your thighs too. Think wall sits, step-ups, lunges, and the like. Keep the reps high to avoid bulking up your thighs.

Hip extension and cross

This exercise not only trains your thighs, but your glutes and core as well. Go into a kneeling position then bring your elbows down until they are beneath your shoulders. Clasp your hands together then push your left leg up and behind you with the toes pointing. Now bend the left knee to bring your left leg in then tap the back of the right knee with your left knee. Extend your left leg back up and do 9 more reps. Switch to the other leg and repeat the steps.

Perform bodyweight squats

What else can you do to help slim down your thighs? Well, bodyweight squats are recommended because they do not require any equipment at all, plus you can do them wherever you are. Using your own bodyweight can make you burn more calories, while toning and strengthening your thighs and the rest of your leg muscles. Do 50 bodyweight squats per day which you can break down throughout the day.

Workout on the sand

For those who are near the beach or can easily drive to one, make it a part of your workout. Sand creates resistance to your legs as you move around which means that your leg muscles will be doing extra work. That said, if this is your first time to be doing this, get used to the routine by walking on the sand for 20 minutes. Repeat this until you get used to the feel of the sand then slowly add your leg workouts into the mix.

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