LifestyleSigns and Symptoms that You're Consuming Too Much Sugar

Signs and Symptoms that You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar

You’ve probably asked yourself at one point in time why eating something sweet is bad for your health. Just think about eating cakes, donuts, pastries, and even sweet drinks for that matter, and you’ll probably be throwing a tantrum when they told you you should reduce your intake of them as much as possible. You may think that eating sweets will help you stay energized throughout the day, but once the sugar high wears off, you’ll be crashing down completely.

Although there is nothing wrong with indulging in sweets from time to time, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms that show that you are eating way too much sugar and that you should stop as soon as possible. If you are not aware of the signs just yet, here are some to keep an eye out.

You’re looking for more sweets. Have you ever noticed that the more you eat sweets, the more you crave for it? Not only it’s because your taste buds are used to the sweet taste but because you want to feel that sugar high that hits you every time you snack on sweet treats. When you eat food that is high in sugar content, it will cause a wave in your body where you will be in high spirits then spiral down once the sugar wears off.

You are tired and don’t have enough energy. If your energy levels are way down or you feel that you are constantly tired, then it might be due to the amount of sugar that you’ve been eating all day. Although eating sweets can be converted to energy because of the carbohydrates that they contain, you can still crash afterwards. If you feel that you’re constantly tired, it might be because you’ve been drinking or eating too much sweets and that you need to cut back on it as soon as possible.

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You’re moodier than usual. Another possible sign that you’ve been eating too much sweets is that you are moody. If you find yourself becoming cranky all the time and easy to flare up on the lightest provocation, check your sugar intake and see if you’ve been overdoing it again. Keep in mind that when your energy levels go down, it can also affect your mood too.

You succumb to colds and flu too often. Have you noticed that you’re sick all the time? It is possible that your consumption of sweets is way too often. Remember that too much sweets can reduce the function of your immune system which means that you are not getting enough protection against common viruses.

Your brain becomes foggy. Are you having a hard time thinking especially after eating a meal? Chances are your love of anything sweet is making your mind a bit foggy. When your blood sugar levels go down, this will affect your cognitive skills. The constant up and down of your blood sugar levels will make it harder for you to concentrate which is why you need to learn how to regulate your blood sugar as much as possible.

You’re gaining weight. The problem with sugar is that it doesn’t contain any protein or fiber which can fill your belly up. What you end up with is excess calories which can lead to weight gain. Another problem with too much sugar is that it triggers a hormone that converts sugar into fat that settles around your midsection, hips, thighs, and under your arms. If you are not careful with your sweet intake, you are at risk of diabetes which can cause further complications to your health.


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