Take a Look at These Home Remedies for Eye Twitches

Eye twitches are usually painless, but they can be bothersome. This is especially true if they strike frequently, and every attack of them stretches for a straight minute or two — yes, that is a possibility!

For most people, eye twitches are just like gentle tugs on the upper eyelid which is where those involuntary spasms usually happen, although the lower eyelid may be affected, too. But for others, eye twitches can be a frightening ordeal. The spasms are so strong that they have no choice but to shut the affected eye ASAP.

What’s so annoying about eye twitches is there is no way for you to predict when they’re going to bother you. Sometimes you may experience them for days or weeks, and then completely quit bugging you all of a sudden. Then they might show up once more after some time to start nagging you again.

Do not worry because, most of the time, eye twitches are nothing serious. They can be due to:

Excessive exercise or physical activity 

Too much caffeinated drinks and alcohol 

Intake of certain medications 

Lack of sleep 


Eye strain, dryness or irritation 

Exposure to pollutants or allergens 

Light sensitivity 


Certain nutritional deficiencies

In rare instances, eye twitches can be due to problems concerning the brain and nerves. So if it seems like those eye twitches do not want to leave you be and also you are experiencing other unusual signs and symptoms, make sure that you seek the help of a doctor.

But if you’ve just been given a clean bill of health by your doctor, then there’s no need to worry each time eye twitches strike. See which of the following home remedies for it can provide relief:

Give your peepers a break

Do you spend a great deal of time in front of a computer, smartphone or TV? There’s a huge possibility that your eyes are screaming for some much-needed rest. Keep the use of your favorite electronic gadgets to as minimum as possible to avoid straining your eyes.

Rest and sleep

Stress is also something that can cause eye twitches to bother you, and that’s why you should remember to take a break and engage in activities that can lower your stress levels. Similarly, you should also get a good night’s sleep each time to keep eye twitches at bay.

Limit coffee and alcohol intake

Caffeine is a stimulant, and that’s why the consumption of coffee and other beverages that have it can cause eye twitches, especially if you take them a lot. Too much alcohol can also do the same since they can have negative effects on the muscles, including those in your eyelids.

Drink plenty of fluids

While limiting your intake of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, increase your fluid intake — dehydration can actually cause your eyelids to twitch. On an everyday basis, see to it that you are consuming about 2 liters of water, which is equivalent to roughly 8 cups.

Apply cold or warm compress

Usually, eye twitches go away after a few seconds or minutes. But if you have no time to wait for them to go away, apply cold or hot compress on the affected eyelid. Make sure that you don’t apply an ice cube directly on your eyelid. Also, see to it that the compress is warm, not scorching.

Wear sunglasses outside

Too much light as well as exposure to environmental pollutants can irritate the eyes, and one of the things that may happen because of it are the twitching of the eyelids. When heading out during the day, consider wearing sunglasses to shield the eyes from the sun as well as pollutants.

Have well-balanced meals

Potassium, magnesium, calcium — experts say that being deficient in these nutrients slash electrolytes can be blamed for eye twitches. Make sure that your meals are well-balanced each time to have your body supplied with these nutrients and many others.

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