Ancient Remedies that Are Still Used Today

Most of us turn to modern medicine when we are feeling under the weather but sometimes turning to ancient remedies can give better results with minimal side effects too. As a matter of fact, even doctors nowadays are still seeing the value of ancient treatments when it comes to solving a variety of health issues. So which of these remedies are worth including in your list of treatments? Here are a few that are worth mentioning.


This herb has been used for centuries as an herbal extract or tea. It is the dried flowers of the herb that is being consumed since they have anti-inflammatory as well as calming properties which makes it useful when it comes to treating insomnia, anxiety, as well as stress. If you are suffering from anxious thoughts or your stress is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep, drinking chamomile tea can help. All that you have to do is to steep the tea bag in hot water for a few minutes then drink afterwards.

Leech therapy

In ancient times, leeches were used for bloodletting to help with headaches, fevers, and other serious conditions. Today, doctors are still using leeches to help boost circulation especially after reconstructive surgery.


Most of the time, this herb was used for its culinary benefits but our ancestors had seen it fit to use it when it comes to treating wounds. You can use this herb to eliminate inflammation and can help relieve digestive problems as well as anxiety. The leaves of this herb are also useful in treating nosebleeds and can be applied on wounds and cuts to heal them faster.


You’ve probably cooked with rosemary from time to time which is great as it gives your food a more robust flavor along with other spices and herbs, but did you know that there is more to rosemary than just cooking? Rosemary has been found to boost memory, relieves muscle pains and aches, and even treat any digestive problems that you may have. You will find that it is also being used in several hair and skin care products. If you want to use it as a home remedy, you should get it in essential oil formula. Adding 5 drops of this oil on your scalp can help make your hair thicker.


Honey is an age old remedy that has been used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks for its numerous health benefits. Today, you can still use honey to treating wounds, cuts, and even making your skin look amazing. The healing and antibacterial properties of honey makes it a must have remedy in your home. Just make sure that you use the raw organic version since it contains most of its essential nutrients.

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