Home Remedies for an Eyelash in the Eye

Having long and thick eyelashes can make your eyes really pop. However, they can also make your eyes look red and feel irritated if they get into them. Since your eyes are very delicate organs of the visual system, you have to be very extra careful when attempting to remove an eyelash trapped in any of the two.

Read on if you often end up with an eyelash in one of your peepers. Below you will come across some of the safest and most effective ways for getting rid of an eyelash in the eye.

Some of the most common reasons why an eyelash can get stuck in the eyes include crying and wiping your eyes. A windy weather can be the culprit at times. It is important for an eyelash or any other foreign object in the eye to be removed. Otherwise, the delicate surface of your eyes can get scratched and irritated.

It’s also of utmost importance for you to try to remove an eyelash in the eye in the gentlest and safest manner. Otherwise, you will only end up doing more damage to your peepers!

Here are some of the things that you may try the next time there’s an eyelash trapped in your eye:

Use Your Finger

Before you attempt to remove that pesky eyelash in the eye with your finger, make sure that you wash your hands very well. In front of a mirror, use the fingers of your non-dominant hand to keep your eyelids open. Gently, put the index finger of your dominant hand on the eyelash. If you’re lucky, it should stick to your finger. Otherwise, carefully slide the eyelash towards the inner corner of your eye where you can remove it safely.

Remove With Water

First things first: when doing this particular tip, it’s a good idea for you to use either distilled water or saline solution because tap water might only introduce microbes into your eyes. All you have to do is lower your eye with an eyelash into a bowl or your cupped hand with distilled water or saline solution. Blink repeatedly and move your eyes from left to right several times to flush out that eyelash.

Swab It Out

Make sure that you do this tip very carefully to prevent accidentally poking your eyes. What you need to do is generously moisten the tip of a clean cotton swab with either distilled water or saline solution. While standing in front of a mirror, attempt to fish out that eyelash in your peeper with the very tip of the moistened cotton swab. If the eyelash doesn’t stick to it, gently drag it to the inner corner of your eye. Remove carefully it once already there.

If you cannot seem to get that eyelash out of your eye and your peeper is getting more and more irritated with each blink, then it’s a good idea for you to pay your eye doctor a visit.

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