NutritionGet to Know Piloncillo, an Unrefined Mexican Brown Sugar

Get to Know Piloncillo, an Unrefined Mexican Brown Sugar

Do you flinch when someone mentions “sugar”? Well, there are many different types of sugar, and not all of them are the same — some of them are purported to be more beneficial than the rest. One of those that are revered by many health-conscious people is piloncillo. Doesn’t ring a bell? Read on to get to know this particular type of sugar.

First and foremost, it comes from Mexico. Basically, it’s just a form of brown sugar, but a lot less refined. It also comes in the form of a cone, which can be in all sorts of sizes — large ones are great for cooking and making sure that you have lots of stash of it, and really small ones are perfect for one-time consumption.

A less refined form of sugar — that’s exactly what makes this Mexican brown sugar win the hearts of many. The fact that it has gone minimal processing is a testament that it retains much of the vitamins and minerals that sugar tends to lose after it gets processed. And with the presence of all those nutrients, piloncillo offers a number of health benefits.

The taste of piloncillo is rather awesome! So many people who have already tried it say that it tastes like molasses, but there is no molasses added to every cone of piloncillo — it’s just brought about by the fact that it is practically unrefined. It’s because of its rich and saccharine taste why it can be used for so many different purposes.

It is said that the way piloncillo is made can be compared to the way sugar is manufactured in the yesteryears, and thus making it win the hearts of many. In this day and age, a lot of people are into unprocessed food products for the attainment of optimum health, and so many of them actually admire piloncillo and the way it’s made.

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Excited to get your hands on some piloncillo cones? It’s a good idea for you to hit Mexican or South American grocers in your area as they sell piloncillo with the most pocket-friendly price tags. By the way, some people refer to piloncillo as panela — so mention it if it seems like the grocer isn’t familiar with piloncillo.

Here are just a few of the reasons why piloncillo is so much better for you than refined sugar:

It contains calcium

We all know how important this mineral is in strengthening the bones. It’s also essential for keeping your pearly whites tough.

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It has magnesium

Magnesium is also a role player in keeping the bones and teeth healthy. Experts say that this particular mineral is an excellent regulator of the mood as well.

It has phosphorus, too

Phosphorus is another mineral that assists in strengthening both the bones and your choppers. It’s also aids the body in using fat and carbs.

It supplies the body with iron

This nutrient is vital for the body’s production of red blood cells or RBCs, which means that it can help ward off iron-deficiency anemia.

It has plenty of vitamins

According to nutrition experts, piloncillo contains an impressive array of vitamins. They include vitamins A, B and E, and lots of immune-boosting vitamin C.

However, because it’s still sugar albeit unrefined and rich in nutrients, make sure that you include it in your diet in great moderation. That’s because it is still loaded with calories. But compared to refined sugar, it does not provide empty calories due to the various vitamins and minerals that every cone of it contains.

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