What Happens When You’re Sleep Deprived

Sleep is a necessary process where your brain as well as your body go into recovery mode. It is while we are sleeping when our memories get consolidated, and the muscle tissues repair themselves so that they become stronger. But are we getting the necessary amount of sleep per day? Unfortunately, we don’t. Most of us tend to sleep only a few hours every day what with the amount of work that we are doing as well as the late-night routines that leave us getting into bed in the early hours of the morning. This habit of ours can leave some side effects to our body and these are:

Brain malfunction

Like it was mentioned before, our brain needs to rest in order for it to function properly. Without proper sleep, our brain function tends to slow down, our memories not properly processed, and our mental alertness will be compromised. Not only that, but it can also put us at risk of early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Higher stress levels

What else can sleep deprivation do to you? Well, it can increase your stress levels because your body is craving rest. Without proper sleep, you tend to become irritable, moody, and even stressed out since your cortisol levels are going up too fast.

Prone to accidents

Another problem with becoming sleep deprived is that there is a higher tendency for you to get into accidents. This is because of daytime sleepiness which is a common side effect if you have missed out on your much-needed sleep. This is dangerous if you often drive to work or are commuting because you might make a mistake as you get on the bus, or when crossing the street.

Inability to focus

Have you ever noticed that your thoughts tend to float when you are not sleeping well? This is because your brain hasn’t received proper rest time hence your mind hasn’t been able to consolidate your thoughts and memories. When this happens, it will be difficult for your mind to focus on any task that you’ve been doing.

Compromises conversational skills

Another side effect of not being able to sleep well is that your conversational skills can suffer. This is because your mind is having difficult stringing together your thoughts and words to the point that you barely get a decent idea out of your mouth.

These are just a few side effects of what being sleep deprived can do to you. If you want to avoid these and more, make it a point to get the recommended hours of sleep based on your age.

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