Healthy Picks5 Amazing Health Benefits of Beet Juice

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Beet Juice

Most people have been juicing fruits and vegetables to reap their full benefits and for those who are looking for something more to add to their list of foods that can be juiced, why not add beets? There are several diet plans that incorporate this vegetable to their program because of its numerous health benefits and making a juice out of it means that you are getting its essential vitamins and nutrients in their purest form.

For those who are still of two minds as to whether beet juice is good for them, here are five amazing health benefits that are linked to beet juice.

It prevents hair loss. The lack of potassium in our system is one of the leading causes of hair loss. This won’t be a problem if you drink beet juice regularly because it contains high amounts of potassium that your body needs to promote better hair growth.

It can fight inflammation. There are two important nutrients that can be found in beets and these are the betalaine and betaine. They are both anti-inflammatories and antioxidants with detoxification properties. When you drink beet juice, you are preventing any inflammation from occurring in your body from the cells to the muscles. Add to this the fact that the antioxidants present in beets can actually help combat stress and other illnesses which can give your overall health a boost.

It increases your haemoglobin levels. Your body needs to have a stable haemoglobin level for it to function at its peak. Once your haemoglobin goes down, you are at a risk of suffering from anemia. Fortunately, you can keep your haemoglobin stable by drinking beet juice as it is one of the best sources of iron, folate, and vitamin B12. Doctors whose patients have low haemoglobin are often recommended to eat beets or drink its juice to increase their haemoglobin levels naturally.

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It can stop dementia from occurring. Dementia often sets in when you reach a certain age. It can affect your cognitive function which in turn affects your personality, your mood, even your memory. Scientists are looking for ways to slow its onset and one of the remedies that they found working is drinking beet juice. One reason why cognitive decline occurs is because there is less blood flowing in the brain which can affect the brain cells. Consuming beetroot juice, on the other hand, has been found to be effective in boosting oxygen being delivered to the brain hence the prevention of dementia.

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It can increase your stamina. Another plus to drinking to beet juice is that you can actually increase your stamina levels. If you are an athlete and would like to perform better in your choice of sports, drinking beet juice will be an advantage. Beets can actually help your blood circulate better in your body which means that there will be more oxygen being delivered to your muscles. This encourages better muscle growth and response so you will be able to perform better and longer too.

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