Lifestyle Habits That Can Increase Your Stroke Risk

Habits That Can Increase Your Stroke Risk

Experts say that around 140,000 people in the US die of stroke each year — it’s said to be the fifth leading cause of death in the country. Unfortunately, there are certain habits that many of us are guilty of doing that are said to increase one’s risk of stroke. Continue reading to know what they are!

A stroke is also sometimes known as brain attack. That’s because it is practically similar to a heart attack in that both of them consist of having the tissues of the heart and brain, respectively, deprived of oxygen.

Having a part of the brain deprived of oxygen can be a deadly thing because the cells of the brain cannot survive for long without oxygen supply. So in other words, a stroke, just like a heart attack, is considered as a medical emergency — anyone who suffers from it should get medical attention as soon as possible.

There are actually two types of stroke, depending on the cause of the deprivation of the brain tissue of oxygen. They are ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke, and here are their key differences:

Ischemic stroke. This happens when a blood clot or fatty deposit somewhere in the circulatory system travels to the brain, causing an artery there to become plugged. Doctors say that 8 out of 10 stroke cases are due to this mechanism, which means that ischemic stroke is more common than hemorrhagic stroke.

Hemorrhagic stroke. Although it is regarded as less common that ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke is considered as the more serious of the two. This happens when a blood vessel that’s situated in the brain balloons or weakens and then bursts, thus cutting off the supply of oxygenated blood.

Luckily, experts say that the incidence of stroke has declined recently as more and more people these days are becoming health conscious. If you, too, would like to lower your risk of suffering from a stroke, then continue reading. Below are some of the habits that are known to increase a person’s risk of stroke. Each time you come across one that you’re guilty of doing, promise yourself that you will quit doing it ever again.

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Cigarette Smoking

Doctors say that smokers have double the risk of having a stroke than those who don’t smoke at all. So if you are a smoker, it is a very good idea for you to turn your back on this nasty habit ASAP if you want to keep a stroke from striking. Not a smoker? Stay away from someone who smokes as secondhand smoke is also a risk factor.

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Excessive Alcohol Intake

Numerous studies say that too much alcohol can put a person at a higher risk of stroke because it’s something that that can cause irregular heartbeats, which can cause a blood clot to form. If you cannot say no to alcohol and you wish to lower your stroke risk, then consume alcohol in moderate amounts only.

Being Sedentary

If you spend most of your waking hours seated in front of the TV or computer or lying in bed napping, then you may be in danger of having a stroke. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can thicken your blood and increase your blood pressure, both of which can cause a stroke to happen. Be physically active if you want to keep a stroke at bay.

Having Excess Pounds

Obesity or being overweight can wreak havoc to your cardiovascular health, and it’s something that can increase your chance of suffering from a stroke. If you want to considerably lower your stroke risk, then eliminate those excess pounds by exercising regularly, going for a healthy diet, reducing stress and getting a good night’s sleep.

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