Surprising Health Benefits of Cypress Oil

Essential oils are being used to treat various health issues including caring for one’s skin, nails, and hair. Each type of essential oil has its own set of benefits that you can take advantage of depending on  your needs. Olive oil, chamomile, peppermint are just a few of the more popular ones but did you know that cypress essential oil is also worth considering?

For those who are wondering what cypress oil can do for them, here are some of the benefits linked to it.

  • It has antiseptic properties. Cypress oil contains antiseptic properties which makes it a popular choice when it comes to treating wounds both inside and outside the body. This particular oil is often used in many antiseptic creams and lotions because of Camphene which is found in cypress oil.
  • It can be used as a deodorant. It is said that the scent of cypress is similar to that of men which is why it is commonly added in many aftershaves, soaps, and deodorants even. Another plus to using this oil is that you can use in place of your deodorant because it has the same effects.
  • It can be a tonic for your respiratory system. Another benefit to cypress oil is that it can help strengthen your respiratory system while boosting your lungs’ function. Taking cypress oil as a tonic can treat various respiratory problems like cough as it helps clear any congestion of phlegm in your chest. It also works the same for colds where it eliminates any blockages in your nasal passages so you will be able to breathe easier and better.
  • It reduces pain. Cypress oil can also be used to minimize pain that is triggered by inflammation. As a matter of fact, you can use it on osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and even arthritis. What’s more, cypress oil has anti-spasmodic properties which makes it a useful remedy for cramps during your menstrual period. Just massage the oil on the affected area and it will help ease the problem in no time.
  • It helps calm you down. Another benefit to cypress oil is that it can cause a sedative effect on your body when used. This is particularly useful when you are feeling stressed out or are feeling anxious or depressed even. Using cypress oil can also boost your mood so you will feel better in no time.
  • It boosts blood circulation. Studies have shown that cypress oil is actually effective in improving one’s blood circulation. If you are suffering from poor blood circulation, massaging or creating a tonic with this essential oil will solve this problem fast. You can also use it to eliminate the appearance of varicose veins as well which is a plus.

As you can see, cypress oil does have some serious benefits to offer so don’t limit yourself to using olive oil, lavender oil, and others. You might be surprised that cypress oil has a host of other benefits and uses that soon you will be wanting to try this one out for size.




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