Tips on Cleaning Your Water Bottle

Because at least 60 percent of the body of an adult is water, it’s important for us to stay hydrated. If you know this fact, chances are you always carry with you a reusable water bottle so that you may have easy access to H2O.

Did you know that the very water bottle that you lug around to stay healthy may be the one that’s keeping you from being healthy? No matter if it’s out of plastic, stainless steel or any other material, scientists say that it can harbor bacteria. No health-conscious person on the planet wants to drink bacteria-laden water!

Most of us are guilty of not cleaning out the water in our water bottles. Oftentimes, what we do is take sips and then refill our water bottles as soon as there is not enough water in them.

Doing this over and over again is what makes disease-causing bacteria to collect in your water bottle!

If the thought of chugging down water contaminated with bacteria makes the skin of a health nut like you crawl, keep on reading. Below you will find some expert-recommended tips on cleaning your trusted water bottle.

Hot Soapy Water

Fill your handy dandy water bottle halfway with hot water and then squirt some dishwashing liquid in it. Cover and then shake vigorously for a few seconds.

Pour out the hot soapy mixture and inspect the bottom of your water bottle. If there’s some form of buildup at the bottom, repeat swishing the container with hot soapy water. Rinse off very well with water afterwards, making sure that there is no soapy residue remaining in there.

To prevent reintroducing microbes into your water bottle, use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry its interiors.

Diluted Vinegar

Are you aware that white vinegar has superb antimicrobial properties? That is why you can count on this sour and highly acidic liquid in keeping your water bottle spick and span.

To start disinfecting your trusted water bottle, fill it halfway with white vinegar. Afterwards, top off with water. Place the cover and give it a good shake. Allow vinegar and water mixture to sit there overnight. Rinse very well in the morning before putting your water bottle back into commission.

Can you use apple cider vinegar instead? Of course! However, white vinegar is a lot cheaper but just as good as apple cider vinegar in killing bacteria.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you notice an unpleasant smell emanating from your water bottle or the interiors is covered with something that looks slimy, there is no denying that it’s harboring tons of harmful microbes.

Fret not because you can effectively zap all of them with hydrogen peroxide!

What you need to do is first clean your water bottle with hot soapy water. Afterwards, place in it about a quarter of a cup of hydrogen peroxide, the kind that you use for disinfecting wounds which is 3 percent. Shake your water bottle vigorously for a minute. Pour out hydrogen peroxide, rinse the interiors with water and let dry completely.

Denture Cleansing Tablet

If you are not wearing dentures but you want to ensure that your water bottle is not a playground for bacteria, then get your hands on some denture cleansing tablets at the nearest pharmacy.

Believe it or not, they are really effective cleaners of water bottles. Not only can they kill bacteria, but also remove buildup in the interiors of your water bottle. All you have to do is drop a denture cleansing tablet in your water bottle that’s almost filled with water. Without putting on the cover, allow to sit for about half an hour.

Rinse your water bottle very well with water afterwards.

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