Medicinal Properties of Sumac

No, the one that’s going to be talked about in this article is not poison sumac, but the spice that is very commonly used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. If you are intrigued by this, then continue reading — below you will learn more about sumac, in particular the amazing medicinal properties that is possesses.

Although it is related to poison sumac that everyone wants to stay away from, sumac is perfectly safe for consumption by humans. In fact, its tangy and fruity flavor makes it well-loved by many who are into gourmet cooking. Sumac may be added to marinades, dressings and sauces, and it also makes for a superb rub for chicken and fish.

Sadly, you may not come across sumac at your favorite supermarket, although it’s not unlikely for you to easily find it at a Middle Eastern or Mediterranean grocery store. Go ahead and bring home some sumac if you happen to chance upon it because it offers so many benefits, some of which are the following:

It Helps Reduce Inflammation

Are you aware that there are so many health problems that doctors associate with inflammation? Diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity — these are just a few of those that are linked to inflammation.

Because sumac possesses anti-inflammatory properties, its addition to the diet can help put chronic inflammation at bay which, in turn may lower one’s risk of having inflammation-related diseases. But there is no questioning that sumac can help reduce pain and swelling of the joints, saving you from the need to take anti-inflammatory drugs that can cause some side effects and are known to pose certain risks especially when they’re taken long term and in high doses.

It Lowers Infection Risk

Sumac, according to scientists, is a wonderful source of vitamin C. Everybody knows that when it comes to getting the immune system strengthened, nothing does a better job than vitamin C. So by consuming dishes that are seasoned with this Middle Eastern and Mediterranean spice, you can have your risk of having the common cold, flu and other respiratory tract infections considerably lowered.

By the way, it’s not just a stronger immunity that vitamin C in sumac brings, but also slowed down aging process, which makes it a superb anti-aging agent that can help you look and feel youthful!

It Kills Off Microbes

Here’s another reason why sumac is very good at having a person’s immune system strengthened: it has the ability to zap microorganisms that love to invade the body and cause all sorts of diseases and ailments.

Actually, sumac has been used since the ancient times in dealing with health problems that are bacterial in nature. There are also studies suggesting that this spice that’s popular in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking is also a capable fighter of fungi, which means that it may be employed topically for the management of fungal infections.

It Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Based on certain studies, sumac has the ability to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood. This only means that the said spice can prove to be beneficial for people with diabetes as well as those who are at high risk of it.

Scientists say that what makes sumac an effective regulator of sugar in the blood is the fact that it helps in lowering insulin levels, which means that the sensitivity of the cells to respond to insulin is improved. Having the levels of insulin in the bloodstream controlled is a good thing for diabetics and pre-diabetics alike as it will be so much easier for them to dodge the complications associated with unmanaged sugar levels.

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