Fitness Ideas to Do with Your Kids

Starting your kids on the right path to a healthy lifestyle always begins with you. Teaching them how to be healthy doesn’t always have to be boring or too strenuous for them even. As a matter of fact, you can make their experience fun and a great time for bonding too. So how will you be able to teach your young ones the importance of exercising? Here are a few fitness ideas you might want to try with your kids. 

Running and biking 

One of the best ways to enjoy your time with your kids while working out is to have them join you on your runs. They can run beside or, if they have a bike, they can bike beside you as you go on your runs. You are both working out while enjoying the outdoors. This is best done in the park for safety purposes. 


Dancing is also another interesting way for you and your kids to work out as you can simply put on your favorite dance music and dance as if no one is watching. You can teach them a thing or two about the dances you’ve learned when you were a kid and they can do the same. Not only will you guys be sweating a lot but you’ll be having tons of fun too. 

Jump rope

Who said that jump ropes are for kids only? Do some jump ropes with your little ones and, if you are up to the challenge, alternate with jumping jacks to rev up your fat burning abilities. You can let your kids help you count or have them join you in your cardio workout. 

Fitness breaks

Watching TV is guaranteed to be a favorite pastime for your kids but don’t let them sit for too long without doing anything as it can lead to lethargy and sedentary lifestyle. Break their lounging time with some fun fitness breaks during commercials. For example, have someone be the leader of the day and he or she will be the one to come up with exercises for each commercial break that everyone must do. This way, your kids will have the chance to come up with a workout that they like to do. 


If you have a pool in your backyard then do some laps with your kids. Swimming is actually a fun workout as your body remains cool as you workout. The resistance of the water can add more challenge to your exercises but won’t be too hard on your joints. Besides, kids love the water so it is hard for them not to join you in some swimming pool workouts. 

These are just a few fitness ideas that you can try with your kids if you want them to grow up healthy and strong. There are lots of ideas for you to try out too so let your imagination loose and you’ll find some interesting workout practices that everyone will enjoy.

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