Fitness The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout

The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout

Training our body can yield some impressive results, from well-toned muscles to reaching the ideal weight, there are plenty of health benefits to be gained when you exercise. But many of us are not really fond of going to the gym and seeing all these people sweating and grunting with exertion. And besides, not everyone of us can spare an hour from our busy schedule to really work out. Fortunately, staying fit and healthy doesn’t revolve around lifting weights all the time because you can also use resistance bands to burn calories. If you want to try this program out, these exercises are worth starting with.

Standing core twists 

The core needs to be challenged if you want to strengthen it and what better way to do this than doing core twists? Step on the center of the resistance bands with the ends held by your hands positioned in front of your chest. While keeping your back straight and your core engaged, twist your torso towards the left while pulling the band with you. Hold this for a few seconds then go back to the center. Repeat with the other side then back in the center to complete one rep. You will need to do 15 reps to complete 1 set. 

Seated tri extension 

Working on your arm can be done with a seated tri extension. Sit on the floor with your resistance band looped on the soles of your feet and with each hand holding one end of the band. Your legs should be extended before but with your knees slightly bent. Your hands should be positioned behind you to get your triceps working. Now bend your elbows slightly to bring your hands near your hips. Extend your arms once more then release. You will need to do 15 reps for this exercise. 

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Toe touch crunches 

Do you want to up the ante on your exercise? How about doing some toe touch crunches where it will work your arms, core, and legs? Secure one end of the resistance band on the leg of a sturdy chair or pole with the other hand held by both hands. Lie down on the floor on your back with your legs raised toward the ceiling. Your arms should be raised in front of you with the band pulled a bit taut. Now engage your core as you roll your torso upward until your hands are touching your toes. Hold this for a few seconds then go back to starting position. You will need to do 10 to 12 reps. 

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Glute extensions 

To tone your butt muscles, glute extensions can do the trick. Tie one end of the band on a chair with the other end looped around your right foot. Go down on all fours in front of the chair with your hands under your shoulders and knees under the hips. Engage your core and glutes as you extend your right leg behind you, pulling at the resistance band. Hold this for a few counts then go back to your first position. You will need to do 12 reps for this exercise before switching to the other foot.

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