Health Benefits of White Turmeric

White turmeric is actually an ancient spice, and it was very popular back in the days. However, less and less people these days are familiar with it because it is now rarely used for cooking. However, in Asia it’s still considered as a common culinary spice, used for whipping up a number of traditional dishes.

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White turmeric is actually related to turmeric, the deep yellow-colored spice that everyone uses not only for cooking but also dealing with a number of health problems naturally. Needless to say, white turmeric also possesses medicinal properties. As a culinary spice, it can be used as it is, dried or pulverized.

Also sometimes known as zedoary, white turmeric originated from Indonesia and India, although now it is also grown in Europe — it was the Arabs that brought this spice to the said continent. Unfortunately, it is now rarely used for cooking except in various parts of Asia, although it is marketed as an essential oil in many parts of the globe.

There are many health benefits that white turmeric offers, and this does not really come as a surprise since it is related to turmeric. Some of the perks that you can enjoy from this spice include:

Improved Digestion

For many years now, white turmeric is employed for having the process of digestion optimized. Commonly, it is consumed in the form of tea. Taking a cup of it is especially beneficial each time you are suffering from nausea or indigestion. White turmeric is also proven to help relieve excess gas and abdominal spasms, and even kill off parasitic worms.

Relieved Joint Inflammation

Whether used orally or topically, white turmeric is known to help reduce painful and swollen joints. That’s because it has superb anti-inflammatory properties, just like turmeric which it’s related to. White turmeric is commonly turned into essential oil, and it’s something that can also be utilized for dealing with various inflammatory issues.

Controlled Microbial Activity

Traditional healers also usually employ white turmeric for dealing with just about anything that is bacterial, viral and fungal in nature — the spice’s antimicrobial properties can definitely impress. It can be used topically for managing all sorts of external infections, and it may also be ingested for dealing with internal ones.

Increased Sexual Appetite

White turmeric is also admired for its ability to boost one’s libido. So in other words, it is a spice with aphrodisiac properties. Additionally, it is known to be very helpful for males who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Unlike drugs for erectile dysfunction, the use of white turmeric does not come with serious risks and side effects.

There are so many other impressive things that white turmeric is known to offer — from having the blood purified, boosting the immune system to lowering risk of heart disease and cancer. If you have access to white turmeric, feel free to add it to some of your home-cooked meals or consume it in the form of tea.

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