The Perks Offered by Persian Melons

Persian melons are native to Iran, which was called Persia back in the days. It is believed that Persian melons gave rise to many different varieties of today’s melons. If you are a health-conscious person and you like to learn more about these types of melons, including most especially the health benefits they offer, continue reading.

The truth is Persian melons can slightly vary in appearance. However, most of them closely resemble cantaloupes, albeit Persian melons are slightly larger in size and possess a more netted skin.

In addition, Persian melons become somewhat golden beige in color when they fully ripen. You will surely know when a Persian melon is ready to be consumed as it tends to give off a really irresistible sweet floral aroma. The flesh can be very juicy and buttery in texture, yet surprisingly firm. Needless to say, Persian melons taste very sweet.

By the way, these types of melons are in season during summertime. When shopping for them, opt for the heaviest that you can get your hands on. Also, go for those that do not have softened spots on their exteriors.

Persian melons are consumed just like most other melons that you can think of. They can be eaten as they are, or you may turn them into smoothies. In Iran, they are combined with mint, sugar and water for a traditional drink perfect during summer. Some people love grilling or pan-searing them to have their sugar content caramelized.

Here are some of the benefits to enjoy for including Persian melons in your diet on a regular basis:

Improved Night Vision

Are you having a hard time reading or driving at night? Then consume Persian melons as often as you can because their vitamin A content is known to help improve night vision. Regularly eating Persian melons and other vitamin A-packed foods can also help ward off eye diseases that can have a negative impact on the vision.

Strengthened Immunity

Other than vitamin A, you can also obtain plenty of vitamin C from Persian melons. It’s for this reason why you can have your immune system strengthened if they are incorporated into your diet. You can benefit from having a bolstered immunity especially during summer when Persian melons come aplenty as various infections are very common.

Beautified Skin, Hair and Nails

Vitamin C is not only very good at strengthening your immune system, but also keeping your skin healthy and looking lovely. That’s because this nutrient is important for wound healing and also for collagen production. Vitamin C obtained from Persian melons and other food sources is also essential for strong and beautiful hair and nails.

Lowered Blood Pressure

If you are sick and tired of eating potassium-rich bananas just to keep your blood pressure within the normal range, you can switch to Persian melons while they’re in season — nutritionists say that they are also rich in potassium. These melons from Iran also contain antioxidants and fiber that help in keeping your ticker out of harm’s way.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Speaking of fiber, the regular intake of fiber-rich Persian melons can help in fending off constipation. Also making them superb at regulating bowel movement is the fact that they are packed with water. Paired with enough physical activity and fluids, Persian melons can save you from having to experience constipation.

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