NutritionHow to Optimize Your Vitamins and Supplements

How to Optimize Your Vitamins and Supplements

Taking vitamins and supplements these days actually help our body get the recommended amount of essential nutrients but are we really getting the most out of them? If you are going to look at the rows of supplement bottles you have on hand, you’ll probably feel confused as to which ones should be taken in the morning with water or with food, which ones should be taken before bed time and the like. So here’s a breakdown of when is the best time to take your supplements and why.

This way, you will be able to maximize the supplements that you are taking for your own good.

Iron. Iron is important to your blood so if you want to avoid feeling fatigued in the day, you will need to take your iron in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Don’t take it with tea or coffee even as this can affect the absorption. Also, don’t take iron and calcium supplements at the same time as the calcium can prevent your body from absorbing this important mineral.

Zinc. We all need zinc in our system which is typically found in fish, seeds, shellfish, and nuts even. Why is it important? It’s because it helps keep our immune and reproductive system functioning properly. The best time to take zinc supplements is in the afternoon and with food as this can cause nausea when taken as is. Make sure that you don’t combine it with your iron and calcium supplements.

Vitamin D. Our body can actually synthesize this vitamin after being exposed to the morning sun. This particular vitamin actually plays a critical role in developing stronger bones, muscles, and teeth. Another plus to having vitamin D is that it improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium. This particular supplement is recommended to be taken in the afternoon and with a meal that has dietary fats present for better absorption. You should take note that taking vitamin D should be early in the afternoon as it can affect a person’s sleeping abilities when taken close to bed time.

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Calcium. If you think calcium is best taken in the morning, think again. Calcium is actually one of the most abundant minerals in our body and is the one responsible in maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Aside from this, calcium is also needed by the muscles and nerves to function properly. Many recommend that you take calcium before bed time where it can be utilized by the body efficiently.

Fish oil. Not eating enough fish? Well, you can get the essential fatty acids from them in the form of supplements. The omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fish oil are needed by the brain for it to function one hundred percent. It is also necessary to have as it contributes to eye and heart health too. This supplement is best taken in the afternoon and with meals so that your body will be able to absorb it properly.

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