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Ayurveda Daily Routine

There are days when we just can’t seem to get yourself up and working as your energy level appears to be low and you’re not really feeling up to the tasks ahead of you. This is understandable as the amount of work that we need to do doesn’t seem to lessen at all. Well, if you don’t have any routine as of yet, you might want to start now as it can create a different effect to your whole body. In Ayurveda, having a routine in place can actually create a balance in your body so that everything will function like clockwork. Do you want to know how to set up your own Ayurveda daily routine? Here are a few steps to try.

Wake up early

Waking up early, even before the sun rises, can actually help you find the peace of mind that you are looking for. You can adjust your wake time depending on the seasons as long as you wake up before the sun rises. After you have woken up, pay attention to your hands for a few seconds then move your hands over the face as well as your chest all the way down to your waist.  This helps cleanse your aura.

Scrape tongue

In Ayurveda, tongue scraping is recommended as this will help stimulate the rest of your organs. Gently scrape your tongue from the back to the front and repeat this 7 to 14 strokes. Doing this will help remove the dead bacteria that may have accumulated on your tongue. You can use stainless steel if you like or choose from gold, silver, or copper.

Have some warm lemon water

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water before your breakfast can help jump start your digestive juices. If you want to banish inflammation in your body add some turmeric to your morning drink as this will help combat any inflammation present.

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While the rest of the household is still asleep, use this time to meditate. Clearing your head before the start of the day can help you focus more on the tasks at hand. Even 10 minutes of deep breathing and meditation can have a huge effect to your productivity levels for the day.

Have a light but filling breakfast

Choose or make a breakfast that is light but will fill your belly up until your next meal. Just make sure that you choose one that won’t have you grabbing some sweets in between meals.

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Lunch and dinner is important too

While on the subject of food, lunch should be the biggest meal of your day as much as possible. Dinner should be light because you need to have your meal digested before bed time.


Exercise is part of any Ayurveda daily routine as it helps flush toxins in the body as you sweat. Aside from this, working out can also help you burn fats, strengthen your muscles, and tone your body. You can work out between 6 to 10 in the morning or, if you prefer afternoons, do some sweat sessions at 5 to 6 in the evening.

Disengage from technology

Sometimes you just need to disengage yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and your use of technology for that matter. Go out of your house and take a walk outdoors. If you are near a forest or park then go and be there to enjoy nature itself. You’ll feel so much better for sure.


Sleep is vital to your overall health and as such you should make it a good one. Power down your gadgets at least half an hour before bed time so that your body will be able to go into rest mode too.

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