Medicinal Properties of Custard Apple Leaves

Do you have a custard apple tree in your backyard? If so, consider yourself as a fortunate individual. Not only do you have access to its fruits that are pulpy, juicy and mouth-watering, but also its leaves that are traditionally known to possess all sorts of amazing medicinal properties.

Custard apples — the fruits — themselves are known to offer a variety of perks. Numerous scientific pieces of evidence suggest that these delectable-tasting fruits are capable of controlling inflammation, reducing oxidative stress, treating diarrhea, preventing cancer, and promoting healthy reduction of pounds.

Simply by consuming custard apples on a regular basis — as they are or in the form of juice or smoothie — you can enjoy all of the mentioned perks and many others.

But did you know that custard apple leaves also offer a number of health benefits? In fact, for hundreds of years now traditional healers in areas of the planet where custard apple trees are native to rely on custard apple leaves in dealing with many health complaints, and sometimes even beauty-related ones.

Sometimes custard apple leaves are dried and steeped in boiling water to produce tea for internal or topical use. There are instances wherein custard apple leaves are pounded or heated, and then applied directly on problem areas.

Having access to custard apple leaves allow you to naturally deal with the likes of:

  • Sprain. Commonly, it’s your ankle or wrist that is susceptible to getting sprained. When such happens, all you need to do is grab about 3 custard apple leaves, heat them up a bit by means of an open flame, and then add a little vinegar. Secure on the sprained part with a bandage.
  • Inflamed joints. The same method above can work great each time your knee, shoulder or elbow is swollen, stiff and achy. Similarly, you may crush a few custard apple leaves and apply the poultice directly on the bothersome joint. Keep it in place with a piece of saran wrap.
  • Fever. Lowering the body temperature is one of the most important home caring tasks that need to be performed each time fever is bugging you or a loved one. An all-natural way to reduce fever is by steeping 3 to 4 dried custard apple leaves in a cup of boiling water for several minutes, and then drinking it.
  • Abdominal pain. You may also consume the said tea out of custard apple leaves if you are suffering from abdominal pain. This beverage is especially good at easing discomfort that is brought about by excess gas production in the gut, as well as during a bout of constipation.
  • Cancer. Just like apple custard fruits themselves, apple custard leaves also contain powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, they are also very good at lowering one’s risk of cancer. To benefit from the cancer-fighting abilities of custard apple leaves, they may be consumed as tea.
  • Skin Aging. Since tea out of custard apple leaves is flooded with antioxidants, it can be used topically to neutralize free radicals that make the skin age much faster. Other than applying it on your skin with a cotton ball, go ahead and drink it as well to help defy skin aging from within.

All of these perks can be provided by custard apple leaves. Especially when used correctly, they can serve as effective remedies for a variety of concerns, without causing side effects and breaking the bank.

However, just like when using any other herb or herbal preparation, it’s a good idea to let your doctor know about your plan. This is especially true if you are diagnosed with a medical condition and you are taking medications for it, be it over-the-counter or prescription ones. Pregnant and nursing women should also consult their doctors.




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