What Happens to Your Body If You Drink Only 1 Glass of Water a Day?

Experts recommend for you to drink about 2 liters of water per day. That’s equivalent to about 8 glasses of water. If you consume only 1 glass of water a day, it’s for certain that you will encounter a bunch of problems.

Some of the things that you may experience if you stick to drinking only 1 glass of water per day include:


One of the reasons why you should consume plenty of water a day is to keep your blood volume optimized. If you drink just 1 glass of water a day, your blood can get really thin.

This is the reason why you may experience heart palpitations — your heart has to work harder to make sure that your body’s tissues and organs are still getting oxygen despite of your very thin blood.

Low Blood Pressure

Another reason why your heart has no choice but to work harder is because your blood pressure can get really low if you only consume 1 glass of water a day.

While it’s true that having high blood pressure is a bad thing, having an extremely low blood pressure is just as bad because the various parts of your body may fail to be supplied with the oxygen they need.


Throughout the day, you may experience headaches that can range from mild to debilitating if you do not drink enough water. If you stick to just 1 glass of water a day, brace yourself for severe headaches.

According to doctors, failure to drink enough water causes headaches because of the temporary shrinkage of the brain — your brain is about 57 percent water.

Poor Concentration

Since your brain is deprived of much-needed water, you may also have a hard time using it in. So in other words, you may have a difficult time carrying out mental tasks.

By the way, doctors say that not drinking enough water can also make you feel lethargic and also moody because low-levels of water in the brain can affect its chemical composition, too.

Muscle Cramps

Your muscles require water in order for them to function very well. If you drink no more than 1 glass of water a day, then you are depriving the muscles of what they need.

As a result, you may experience muscle cramps. But those are not the only ones that may bug you — your muscles may also feel very weak, keeping you from doing all sorts of physical activities.

Dark-Colored Urine

Experts say that you can actually use the color of your urine as a guide to determine whether or not you are drinking enough water a day.

If you consume just 1 glass of water daily, then it’s for certain that your urine will be darker than usual because it is highly concentrated as a result of dehydration.


One of the most common effects of failure to drink plenty of water every single day is constipation. This is especially true if your diet is not rich in fiber and you are also sedentary.

Aside from having trouble with passing stool, constipation can also cause all sorts of problems, like abdominal bloating, ugly skin and even bad breath!

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