Lesser-Known Signs of Depression

A lot of people think that depression is simply sadness that’s cranked up. However, depression is more than that — it can cause all sorts of symptoms, and they can actually vary from one depressed person to the other. In this article, we will talk about depression signs that many are not aware of.

Whether depression is something that is bugging you or someone you care about, it’s a good idea to have a therapist or psychiatrist consulted because it is a very serious form of mental illness that can lead to devastating consequences. However, the very good news is depression is highly treatable.

Aside from having profound sadness that doesn’t seem to want to go away, you or a loved one may be suffering from depression if the following are also experienced:


Being irritable from time to time is perfectly normal, most especially when we are stressed or lacking in sleep. According to experts, it’s also something that can be seen in depressed individuals, most especially men. Irritability in those with depression tends to be out of proportion — it is more intense and longer lasting than usual.


Experts say that someone who suffers from depression may also feel extremely angry — towards himself or herself as well as the rest of the world. Some depressed individuals may actually repress the anger they have, while others let it all out often in a really violent and relationship-wrecking manner.


Difficulty in falling asleep, being roused from sleep several times throughout the night, waking up earlier than everybody else — these are telltale signs of insomnia, and it’s something that can affect people with depression. The problem with insomnia is it can intensify other symptoms of depression.


On the other hand, it’s also very much possible for someone who is depressed to suffer from hypersomnia, which is the complete opposite of insomnia. You may be suffering from depression if you feel like going to bed right after getting out of it, or as soon as the other half or kids step foot outside the home.


When you have depression, it’s very much possible for your memory to become very poor. You may fail to remember important names or numbers. You may fail to remember crucial dates and times, and such may have a negative impact on your work or school — as if feeling depressed isn’t already affecting it negatively!

Trouble Concentrating

Someone who is right in front of you is telling an exciting story, but your mind is not focusing on it. No, you are not focusing on something else — it’s just that your mind is completely blank. Just like forgetfulness, this lesser-known sign of depression can harm your everyday living in a number of ways.


Some people with depression choose to deal with their mental illness by consuming lots and lots of alcohol. Sadly, this can cause a vicious cycle. Alcohol is actually a depressant — the more alcohol is consumed, the more depressed the person becomes, and the more depressed the person feels, the more alcohol he or she feels like taking.


While it’s true that depression can cause extreme sadness (among so many other things, such as the ones mentioned above), it can also leave you feeling nothing at all — you want to cry a river but you can’t. At times you may even feel no affection or love towards your other half, kids, relatives and closest friends.

Chronic Pain

Doctors say that there is a strong link between depression and pain. In some instances, depression can cause already existing pain to intensify. And in other cases, existing pain can cause depression to increase. As you can see, one can cause the other to worsen.

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