RemediesNatural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your...

Natural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your Home

Categorized into 3 categories, burns are either 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree depending on how much tissue has been damaged. A 1st degree burn affects only the surface of the skin, ending up in a blister for a few days or a week depending on your skin. 2nd degree burns affect the dermis layer of the skin or the second layer after the epidermis while 3rd degrees bear damage all the way to the fatty tissue underneath the skin or more. If you have a 3rd degree burn you need attention from professionals or very experienced persons with dressing burn wounds. This article is all about 1st and 2nd degree treatment only.

The usual culprits are things like splattered oil, hot pans, lit cigarettes, hot car parts, stoves and ovens.
First off! NO ICE. The very low temperatures will constrict and tighten the blood vessels into the wound they are in plus they restrict blood flow which is crucial for healing. This ends up more damaging and may peel off more skin tissue that could be avoided. This also applies to other burn degrees.

Instead run burn under cool running water for up to 20-30 minutes if it’s that bad, this will soothe and stop further damage. Don’t pop any blisters which is just asking for infection. Let the burn breathe as much as possible. Avoid bandages at first unless the blisters are already popped, the skin underneath exposed or the blisters look fragile and rub against skin or cloth a lot. Make sure the bandages are not too snug and do no apply pressure on the burn because bandages sticking to burns ARE VERY PAINFUL.


Here is a list of natural burn remedies for quicker relief and healing, while avoiding further damage:

Natural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your Home

Aloe Vera: known for being a great friend in need with burns. If you or a neighbor have a plant go trim a good enough amount in your opinion. Harvest the gel by cutting the leaf open and scraping out the good stuff.  If the burn is not that bad just apply the cut leaf directly onto the wound. Aloe may stink a bit but it is great for minimizing scars.

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Natural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your Home

Soymilk or regular full fat: full fat yogurt or full fat yogurt-milk is fine. There are enough fats to keep the wound from drying but not too much that it suffocates like jelly (don’t use that). What is great about using soy milk or full cream milk are the amino acids or proteins. The proteins aid in faster healing as the thick, soothing milk protects the wound before it can be exposed to the elements again.

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Natural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your Home

Honey: the healthy sweetener that tastes great is also known to never rot if stored properly also due to its antibacterial and antispetic properties. It has 4 types of natural sugars, antioxidants, lots of minerals, some salt which helps with cleansing and enough percentage of water so that it does not seal the wound too much. Lather some honey directly on the burn or on a gauze pad first depending  on the seriousness of injury. Change gauze 3-4 times a day.

Natural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your Home

Black tea bags: the stronger the better of course. Containing tannic acid which gives fruits and vegetation their bitter, astringent kind of dry gum feeling flavor profile. They help soothe the prickly hot pain of burn wounds, would also be great to throw in some mint leaves which are known for soothing. Tannic acid is believed to be an antiseptic and even prevents blisters from forming. Boil 3-4 bags and when steeped enough soak the wound in a basin or your whole self even.

Natural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your Home

Coconut oil: a life saving vegetarian source of fat that heals, rejuvenates and beautifies through ingestion and surface use. This super food product has a good amount of vitamin E and wonderful healing and anti-scarring properties when used everyday. You can even add lemon juice to the oil before application for more antibacterial and anti-scarring benefits.

Natural Remedies for Minor Burns Possibly Found Around your Home

Cucumber: contains nutrients that soothe wounds and also help skin keep moist and elastic while being mostly water!







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