What to Eat to Combat Cancer Treatment Fatigue

Having cancer can leave a person feeling fatigued. Similarly, getting treated for cancer can also cause fatigue. It’s like there is no escape! However, it is very important for anyone who is trying to battle cancer to stick to the treatment his or her doctor has prescribed for success.

Fatigue is one of the many different side effects of cancer treatment. Fortunately, it’s one of those things that can be easily dealt with, and such can be done with the help of proper eating habits.

Whether it’s you or someone you care about who is experiencing fatigue due to undergoing treatment for cancer, read on. Below you will learn which foods should be included in the diet of somebody who is getting treated for cancer. Similarly, you will come across additional tips when it comes to the diet.

Sweet Potatoes

The inclusion of sweet potatoes in the diet of anyone who is getting treated for cancer helps ensure that the body gets a steady dose of energy. It’s for the fact that the carbs of sweet potatoes are slowly released into the bloodstream, thus providing energy that’s stable and long-lasting.

Another great thing about these spuds is they help prevent constipation, which is another very common problem that is encountered by those who are getting cancer treatment.

Wild Rice

It’s also a great idea to combat fatigue caused by cancer treatment with a serving of wild rice. Just like sweet potatoes, it supplies the body with stable energy, plus it also helps in warding off constipation because it’s rich in dietary fiber. Someone who is getting treated for cancer may also count on brown rice for energy.


There are a couple of reasons why fish should be consumed on a regular basis by individuals who are getting treated for cancer. First, fish is a good source of high quality protein — anyone who is undergoing cancer treatment needs a little more protein to maintain muscles and for strengthening the immune system.

Second, fish is a phenomenal source of those healthy inflammation-fighting fats that help deal with joint pain, something that commonly bugs individuals who are receiving cancer treatment.


Another excellent source of protein that can help keep the muscles strong is poultry. Chicken and turkey breasts are the best for anybody who is getting treated for cancer. Actually, doctors strongly encourage cancer patients to include protein in their diet on a regular basis to combat fatigue resulting from their treatment.


No diet for a person who is undergoing cancer treatment would be complete without the presence of fruits. We all know how dense in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals fruits are, and all of them are needed by the body of a cancer patient because cancer treatment also damages some of the healthy cells.

As a general rule of thumb, the diet of someone who is getting treated for cancer should be as colorful as possible, and the simple addition of more fruits can help in achieving that.


Snacking on some nuts is a wonderful idea for individuals who are receiving treatment for cancer. Nuts are good sources of protein that helps strengthen and energize the body, plus they are loaded with healthy fats for healthy joints, brain and heart. With so many types of nuts to choose from, a cancer patient need not get bored during snack times.

Here are some other helpful diet tips that are suited for people who are getting cancer treatment:

Drink plenty of fluids. It can be easy for anyone who is being treated for cancer to become dehydrated. 

Have small frequent meals. Doing this helps ward off nausea as well as drops in energy levels. 

Consume whey protein shake. This beverage supplies the body with easily-accessible protein. 

Avoid sugary stuff. When the levels of sugar in the bloodstream drops, the person can feel even more fatigued.

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