Herbal Teas That Encourage a Healthy Pancreas

It’s true that your pancreas is not as popular as your other vital organs like, say, the liver and heart. Despite of this, the roles that it plays are of utmost importance. Below you will learn how to keep your pancreas in a phenomenal shape through the intake of certain types of herbal teas.

Your pancreas plays two roles that are significant to your overall health and wellbeing:

It creates enzymes that aid in digestion, allowing your body to take advantage of the nutrients present in the food you eat. 

It produces insulin, which is a hormone that enables the various cells of your body to use sugar in the bloodstream as an energy source.

Without digestive enzymes and insulin that your pancreas produces, it can be difficult to attain or maintain optimum health. It is very much possible for you to become malnourished and also develop diabetes.

Doctors say that opting for a healthy diet and lifestyle can help save the pancreas from various forms of harm, some of which include pancreatitis (inflammation of the tissues of the pancreas) and pancreatic cancer, which is known to be the 5th cause of death in the US and also comes with 100% mortality rate.

It’s also a good idea for you to include in your diet herbal teas that are known to promote a healthy pancreas. Some of those that you may brew and drink are:

Calendula Tea

Numerous studies have shown that calendula tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can help save the tissues of the pancreas from becoming inflamed. Similarly, this herbal beverage has been found out to help keep the cells of the pancreas from becoming cancerous, thus helping to ward off pancreatic cancer.

Dandelion Tea

Just like calendula tea, dandelion tea is admired for its ability to prevent cancer cells from striking the pancreas. In fact, scientific investigations have shown that dandelion tea induced pancreatic cancer cells to kill themselves — including those that are known to resist conventional cancer treatments.

Garlic Tea

Even though it’s popular for thinning the blood, garlic tea may actually be consumed, too, for keeping the pancreas in tip-top shape. Actually, certain compounds in garlic tea encourage the cells to react to insulin properly, thus saving the pancreas from producing excessive amounts of the said hormone.

Holy Basil Tea

One very popular Ayurvedic remedy for various problems concerning the pancreas is the intake of holy basil tea. Also referred to as tulsi tea, this herbal beverage is known to promote the healthy functioning of the pancreas. It also helps regulate the levels of sugar in the blood, proving to be beneficial for diabetics.

Gudmar Tea

Another wonderful Ayurvedic way of keeping the pancreas working optimally is gudmar tea. According to experts, this herbal tea has the ability to prevent sugar molecules from accumulating in the body, thus saving your pancreas from the need to endlessly produce insulin.

CAUTION: Prior to drinking any herbal tea for therapeutic purposes, it’s a good idea for you to tell your doctor about it beforehand. This is true most especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from a medical condition and taking prescription medications for it.

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