Amazing Benefits of Parsley for the Skin, Scalp and Hair

Parsley is an herb that you can get all year, almost everywhere. It’s excellent against diseases, although it’s mainly used as a garnish. It has great medicinal properties, which everyone should know.

It’s amazing for the skin.

People usually overlook how good parsley is for the skin.

It has a lot of vitamin C which means it provides the skin with nourishment. It reduces wrinkling and scarring among other things. Eating it can help in stimulating collagen production within the skin. This leads to more cell repair and reproduction, which causes a quicker growth of new skin. This new skin takes away the blemishes, and has a more even and smoother appearance.

The body converts the beta carotene in parsley into vitamin A. Vitamin A maintains and repairs the skin. This makes the skin more elastic, and shortens the time your wounds need to heal.

Parsley is also great at erasing those dark circles under your eyes. The Vitamins C and K, and chlorophyll work together to lighten the area and take away the puffiness. Just slice a handful of parsley and mash it. Take the juice from this and add it in with a teaspoon of yogurt before applying to the area under your eye. You can also try soaking cotton balls in the juice of parsley. Leave this in the puffy/dark region for ten minutes. Doing this two times weekly should be enough.

The eugenol in parsley is great against bacteria and fungi. It is effective against acne, skin infections, and pimples. It can also be disinfectant for pores. You can buy parsley oil in the market. But be careful. Applying it straight on your face might burn your skin. Use carrier oil (olive or almond) to dilute parsley oil before using it on your face. Once done, wait thirty minutes before rinsing.

Eating parsley in huge amounts aids in balancing sebum in oily skin, and inclearing the pores to prevent acne. Parsley also contains zinc which can control inflammation and cause skin to regenerate, while reducing redness and diminishing acne blemishes.

Parsley has strong antioxidant properties which provide protection for our skin against damage caused by free radicals. It can also slow down aging by delaying the formation of lines and wrinkling.

The minerals such as potassium, copper, zinc, manganese and calcium in parsley help maintain the health of the skin. Juice the leaves and add it in two hundred milliliters of water. Drinking this mixture every day will make your skin healthier.

For those with oily skin, here’s how you can stay clear of pimples and zits. Mash parsley in a bowl with a spoon. Mix in two teaspoons of honey until the honey turns green. Leave the mixture on your face for ten minutes before rinsing. Apply your moisturizer. The antibacterial properties of parsley and honey is great against pimples and it keeps the skin nourished and smooth. I recommend that you use fresh, not dried parsley.

For facial treatment, add a spoon of dried parsley into two hundred milliliters of water, before boiling for twenty minutes. After that, allow it to cool down. Try rinsing your face twice daily. Make fresh mixtures each dayto maximize the effects.

You can also use parsley, lemon juice and parsley to reduce dark spots and discoloration. Soak a medium-sized bundle of the leaves in warm water before chopping it finely and crushing it in a mortar. Mix in a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey (raw). Continue mashing. Before you put this mixture on your face, clean your skin using a gentle skin cleanser. Once the mixture is on your face, let it stay there for twenty minutes before rinsing. Your skin should be refreshed and revitalized.

Put a handful of parsley leaves and some yogurt in a blender, and blend. Make sure you have a smooth paste. Mix in a teaspoon of oatmeal and a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Let the mixture stay on your face (and neck) for fifteen minutes before rinsing. Do this three times weekly to take away dead skin and dirt.

Here’s a way to have glowing skin from a parsley toner. Mash a bundle of leaves with a fork to get the juice. Mix it with distilled boiling water before leaving it to cool. Mix in a spoon of lemon juice, three drops each of tea tree and rosemary essential oils. Keep it in your fridge if you want. Soak a cotton ball in it before rubbing it on your face in small circles. It balances the pH levels of the skin and eliminates bacteria that cause acne. It is also an effective treatment for oily skin and inflammation.

Rubbing parsley leaves on insect bites can provide soothing relief forirritated skin. You can boil parsley in water and put it on boils for a few hours. It’s also good for fading spots and freckles. The seed oil of parsley heals bruises.

It’s amazing for the hair as well.

Parsley has a lot of other essential nutrients that can be very effective against hair problems. It’s great against scalp infections and hair loss. It can also control hair fall. Make a soft paste from parsley spring and mix one hundred milliliters of water with it. Use this mixture on a wet scalp before wrapping your hair in a towel for an hour. Shampoo your hair afterwards.

The abundance of copper in parsley aid in retaining the natural color of the hair. You can rub it on the hair or eat a lot of parsley.

Parsley is very effective when promoting growth of hair. Look for parsley seeds (powdered). Put in on your scalp and try massaging gently. Do this two time weekly for eight weeks.

To get silky smooth hair, try boiling water in a pot with a couple of leaves. Allow it to simmer for ten minutes. Take the leaves out and put in a blender. Make sure you have a paste. Put the paste on your scalp and hair after shampooing and cleaning. Wait an hour before rinsing. This is for balancing the sebaceous glands so it can start healing scalp problems and cleansing hair.

The paste can also eliminate lice.

The hair rinse can make your hair shiny. Just boil water and mix in a handful of leaves before simmering it for half an hour. Once it becomes yellow, mix lemon juice. Let it cool down. After you shampoo, try rinsing your tresses with the hair rinse. You’ll notice the difference.

Infuse parsley leaves and wash your hair with the infusion. It’s great at ridding your head of dandruff.


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