Remedies Natural Remedies for Prostate Problems

Natural Remedies for Prostate Problems

Prostate problems tend to appear when men reach the age of 50s and above. There are three types of prostate problems that often occur and these are BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia, which is an enlargement of the prostate gland but without any cancerous cells forming, prostatitis or an inflammation of the prostate, and of course, prostate cancer which is the more severe case. Since BPH occurs more often than not, doctors believe that it is a natural part of the aging process in men.

There are several symptoms that are linked to prostate problems such as difficulty in urinating, inability to empty the bladder, the presence of burning sensation whenever you urinate, and pain felt behind the scrotum just to name a few. For those who want to alleviate these symptoms, turning to natural solutions might be worth looking into. Here are some examples of natural remedies that might help.

Saw Palmetto. This herbal remedy has been used for ages for treating urinary problems including those that have been triggered by prostate problems. Although scientists are still researching on the efficacy of this herbal remedy, it is safe enough to use with little to no side effects.

Watermelon and Pumpkin Seeds. Watermelon tea is believed to have some positive effects on the prostate. Just boil the seeds and drink the water afterwards. The same goes true with pumpkin seeds. One reason behind this is that the seeds of the pumpkin have diuretic effects and contain zinc which can repair and build your immune system to fight off any infection in the body including in the prostate.

Pygeum. Pygeum is harvested from the bark of the African plum tree and it has been used to treat various urinary problems such as those that are linked to prostate problems. There are still clinical trials being done to determine whether this bark extract can help with treating BPH but so far, when this ingredient is mixed with other herbal remedies, it has reduced the number of trips to the bathroom particularly at night.

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Change your diet. Another home remedy that can help you deal with your prostate problem is to make healthier changes to your diet. This means upping your intake of foods with omega-3 fatty acids as well as soy-based foods as these two can help you manage your hormone production and your prostate problems as well. Another suggestion is to eat more tomatoes or salsa because they contain lycopene which can combat prostate cancer.

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Maintain your health. Although there are plenty of supplements available that can help you with your prostate problems, there is nothing better than practicing good health by avoiding those that can harm you such as too much processed foods, alcoholic beverages, and the like. Staying physically active, eating a proper diet, and getting enough sleep are just a few simple steps that you can take to prevent prostate problems from occurring when you age. Add to these, you should also take the time to get a regular checkup so you can nip the problem before it becomes too severe.







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