8 Easy Steps for Perfect Summer Makeup

Summer season is definitely a much awaited moment for many as it means more days in the beach, swimming in the open waters,  and soaking up the sun. For others, it means cooling off at the mall with friends. Regardless of what your plans are for the summer, looking your best is probably on top of your mind. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to achieving that perfect summer makeup because with just 8 easy steps, you’ll look amazing!

Use BB Cream. You’ve probably come across this beauty product recently which is why you should include it in your summer makeup routine. For one thing, it is the perfect moisturizer to use come the summer as it can easily blend with other makeup plus it won’t be too greasy.

Conceal. Dark circles under your eyes, acne scars, or even pimples breaking out on your skin can be hidden from view with the help of a concealer. Just make sure that the concealer that you are using is in the same shade as your skin tone so you won’t have to worry about wearing light goggles around the eyes if you are trying to hide those bluish green veins under your eyes.

Apply Setting Powder. You might think that applying setting powder is not needed anymore especially in the summer but it’s wrong. Setting powder can actually help lock in your makeup so it doesn’t melt too easily plus it can also reduce the shine when you’re sweating. You should actually use setting powder regardless of your skin type as it can play a huge role in keeping your makeup intact.

Show Some Blush. How about giving your cheeks a nice, rosy glow? Adding blush to your cheeks will give some semblance of color but make sure that you don’t overdo it. A cream blush will do nicely as it will give a more natural glow to your cheeks. You can skip the blush and go for bronzer if you are aiming for that natural sun-kissed skin.

Highlight. Highlighting your assets is not really a bad idea even during summer. Combine this technique with some bronzer and you’ll get that sunkissed glow on your skin. Powder highlighters may work nicely on you but if you prefer the liquid one, go ahead and use it. Just make sure that you know where to apply the highlights so you’ll pull off that perfect look.

Add Shimmer to Your Eyes. You don’t have to go all dramatic with your eyes during the summer as a barely-there look is quite enough to turn heads. Swipe a sheer but shimmery cream starting from your lash lines all the way to the brow bone. Use your pointer finger to even out the application.

Mascara for beauty. Putting emphasis on your eyes can be something simple as applying mascara and nothing else. Go for waterproof mascara so that sweat won’t make it run. Of course, you should always have a good makeup remover on hand so that it will be easier for you to remove your mascara afterwards. Mascara can help make your eyes appear larger and your lashes fuller which is a plus for your summer look.

Play with Lip Color. If you are not wearing a lot of makeup for the summer, which is good, put more focus on your eyes and lips. For the lips, look for bold colors that contain moisturizing properties to help lock in the moisture on your lips. This will make your lips look extra kissable too.

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