NutritionReasons for You to Consider Drinking Camel's Milk

Reasons for You to Consider Drinking Camel’s Milk

You may be new to the idea that camel’s milk can actually be purchased and drunk. The truth is it’s not really something new — it’s being consumed in Middle Eastern countries for so many, many years now. What’s so great about camel’s milk is its composition, according to scientists, is much closer to that of human milk that cow’s milk.

What’s more, numerous studies say that camel’s milk is more nutritionally dense than any other type of milk out there. It’s for this reason exactly why its consumption can offer all sorts of amazing health benefits!

However, there’s one downside to camel’s milk: it doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. This is perfectly understandable because the highly nutritious beverage is hard to obtain. Camels do not really like the idea of being milked. Further, these humped mammals of the desert do not produce plenty of milk like cows and other milk sources.


Let’s now check out some of the reasons why it’s a great idea to consider consuming camel’s milk:


It Boosts the Immune System

Earlier, it was mentioned that camel’s milk is much more similar to breast milk than any other milk on the planet. Since breast milk is packed with immune-boosting compounds, camel’s milk can also supply the body with those compounds. It’s the reason why scientists say that camel’s milk can serve as supplement to breast milk.


It Doesn’t Cause Allergies

Studies say that camel’s milk does not contain certain proteins in cow’s milk that humans are allergic to by nature. Because of this, it is said that camel’s milk is good for those who are allergic to cow’s milk as well as other foods. In fact, it is believed that the consumption of camel’s milk can reverse food allergies!


It Keeps Sugar Levels From Rising

According to experts, camel’s milk does not cause an increase in the levels of blood sugar. Due to this, the healthy drink is said to be highly beneficial for people with diabetes. Aside from keeping at bay increased sugar levels, camel’s milk is effective in dealing with insulin resistance, thus encouraging sugar transport from the blood to the cells.

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It Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Healthy fats found in camel’s milk, scientists say, provide the same amazing health benefits of olive oil. It’s for this reason why the inclusion of camel’s milk in one’s diet can help reduce bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. By having those two factors lowered, a person’s risk of suffering from heart disease can be considerably reduced.

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It Helps Reduce Symptoms of Autism

According to some studies, participants who have autism and were given camel’s milk on a regular basis showed marked improvement in symptoms. Scientists believe it’s caused by the impressive antioxidant content of cow’s milk. However, more studies have to be done in order to really determine if camel’s milk can be wholly beneficial for autism.


It Also Alleviates Anxiety

Camel’s milk contains impressive amounts of GABA. But more importantly, the kind of GABA it contains can be easily absorbed by the body. So why is that a good thing? GABA is a neurotransmitter vital for the brain’s functioning. Also, it is known to help control anxiety and its various symptoms.


It Slows Down Aging Outside and Within

Since camel’s milk is packed with antioxidants, it doesn’t come as a surprise why it is capable of delaying the onset of aging signs such as cellular degeneration. Aside from antioxidants, experts say that alpha-hydroxyl acid in camel’s milk is very good at slowing down the aging of skin cells.


It Controls Bacterial Infections

The impressive antimicrobial properties of camel’s milk make it very promising in the prevention as well as reversal of various bacterial infections. For instance, the beverage is said to be highly effective against the microbe that causes tuberculosis, which known as mycobacterium tuberculosis.




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