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Home Remedies for Wheezing

Wheezing is characterized by the presence of a whistling sound when you breathe in and out. Put simply, it is caused by the narrowing of the upper airways, in particular the bronchial tubes. Wheezing, in order words, can be due to anything that keeps air form freely passing through your upper airways.

Often, wheezing is associated with asthma, which means that it strikes whenever an asthmatic is having a bout of his or her respiratory condition. Other problems concerning the respiratory system can also give rise to wheezing. Some of them include bronchitis — acute and chronic alike — and pulmonary edema.

People with problems concerning the heart may also experience wheezing especially if collection of fluid in the lungs is present. In some instances, the whistling sound when a person inhales and exhales can be due to an allergic reaction. Anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening form of severe allergy, requires prompt medical attention.

Most of the time, wheezing is brought about by a short term medical condition. For instance, being down with the common cold, cough or any other acute infection of the respiratory system can cause wheezing to strike. A person with acid reflux may also encounter it each time his or her stomach acids irritate the airways.

Wheezing that is due to a problem that can be managed at home, according to a physician, should not really be a cause of alarm. There are a number of steps that may be taken for the attainment of relief. If you are experiencing wheezing, here are some of the easy steps that you may try taking:

Drink Water

One of the simplest home remedies available for wheezing is keeping your body well hydrated. Doing so can help in loosening thick mucus in the airways. Aside from water, it’s also a great idea for you to regularly consume hot herbal teas because the steam they produce can be very beneficial.

Inhale Steam

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Aside from drinking hot herbal teas, you may also benefit from steam inhalation by filling a small basin with hot water. Afterwards, your face should be placed several inches above the basin. Draping a large towel or small blanket over your head as you do so helps ensure that you are breathing in most of the steam produced.

Have Clear Soup

There are a couple of reasons why the intake of hot clear soup can be very good for you if you are encountering wheezing. First, it helps in boosting your daily fluid intake, thus helping to thin mucus. Second, hot soup gives off steam, and some of them you end up breathing in as you are having your meal.

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Consume Spices

Do you notice how your nose ends up runny each time you eat something hot and spicy? Well, the consumption of anything that is seasoned with a hot spice can be very helpful when you are having a bout of wheezing. That’s because it can help clear up the air passages in an instant.

Sip Ginger Tea

Earlier, it was mentioned that you should consider having hot herbal teas to attain relief from wheezing. One of the best herbal drinks for the job is ginger tea because it possesses amazing anti-inflammatory properties. The addition of a teaspoon of honey or lemon juice can help boost not only the taste, but also the perks.

Boost Your Immunity

Speaking of lemon juice, it’s a wonderful idea for you to load up on anything that has vitamin C in it. This is something that can help in strengthening the immune system, thus allowing the body to fight off an infection of the upper respiratory system which is one of the most common causes of wheezing.

Just a Word of Caution

Immediately seek medical attention if wheezing is accompanied by severe shortness of breath and/or bluish color of the lips, skin and nails.

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