Ayurvedic Beauty Remedies for Sunburns


Getting your skin touched by the sun not only gives your complexion a lovely glow, but also supplies your body with vitamin D. However, spending too much time under the sun, especially if you fail to apply generous amounts of sunscreen, can come with a few downsides, and sunburns are included.

Sunburns can be unsightly and painful, and that’s why anybody who suffers from them come scrambling for some of the most effective home remedies around. Luckily, there are plenty of those!

When it comes to dealing with sunburns, Ayurvedic ones can be very impressive. All-natural and effective, these solutions come from an ancient form of healing developed in India thousands and thousands of years ago. But despite of being very old, Ayurveda continues to astonish these days.

So if you are being pestered by sunburns, it’s a wonderful idea to rely on some Ayurvedic home remedies for it. See which of the following can give you results that are remarkable and quick:

Aloe Vera

Gently massaging aloe vera gel on sunburns is a super effective way to attain relief from sunburns. If you do not have access to aloe vera plant, you may also count on aloe vera juice that is 100% pure. It’s a good idea to have a small bottle of it in your bag when staying outdoors for a long time for soothing your skin on the spot.


In summer, it’s not just sunburns that come aplenty but also watermelons. That’s perfect because watermelons actually have the ability to alleviate sunburns. All you have to do is gently rub a small piece of watermelon on affected parts of the skin. Don’t forget to consume watermelons, too, for sunburn-protection from within!


There is no denying that cucumber slices are phenomenal remedies for eye puffiness. Did you know that they are also superb home remedies for sunburns? Their cooling sensation helps relieve pain and discomfort, while the loads of vitamin C in them helps repair damaged skin. Go for chilled cucumber slices for best results.


You may also rely on buttermilk if you can no longer stand the redness and pain of those pesky sunburns. What you need to do is gently rub a little of this dairy liquid on problem areas, and then wash off with water after about 20 minutes — or you can simply let it stay there for good. Just like cucumber slices, chilled buttermilk works best.


Do you love turmeric because of the flavor and color it adds to your culinary masterpieces? You will surely love this Indian spice even more upon knowing that it’s an effective sunburn reliever. Simply add a few drops of water to a little turmeric. Mix and apply the deep gold-colored paste on sunburned areas of the skin.

Coconut Oil

Lastly, you may also apply a thin layer of coconut oil on sunburns to attain immediate relief from the symptoms. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of this yummy-smelling oil, your sunburns can be kept from ending up infected. Coconut oil is also great for peeling sunburns because of its moisturizing properties.

These are some of the best Ayurvedic solutions for sunburns. Still it’s important for you to slather on sunscreen if you cannot avoid staying under the sun between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Keep in mind that sunburns are not the only problems that can arise from too much sun, but also others like premature skin aging and skin cancer.

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