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How to Perform Candle Manicure at Home

Have you ever wanted to undergo candle manicure but afraid that it’s going to leave a dent on your budget? Fret not because this amazing procedure for the hands (and sometimes feet, too) can be easily replicated at home. While you can do it yourself, it’s a great idea to have someone do it for you for safety purposes.


First things first: don’t just use any candle for this endeavor. There’s a special kind of candle that is specifically designed for it, something that is out of soy. Containing no harsh ingredients that can damage your nails and skin rather than have them beautified, a candle exclusive for manicuring is what you need to get your hands into.


Also, you will need a few other products to perform candle manicure in the comfort of your home. For instance, you will need to have bottle of massage oil. Most beauty salons offering candle manicure opt for one that contains lavender as it’s very good for improving the skin as well as leaving you free of stress.


You will also need to provide the usual manicure must-haves such as nail file, polish and all the rest. If you are into giving yourself or your friends a manicure, chances are you already have the complete lineup. What’s left for you to do is get a candle for manicuring as well as the massage oil that goes perfectly well with your preference.

What’s so great about giving yourself a candle manicure is it allows your hands to look phenomenal. Especially when the cold months strike and you use your hands all the time for doing all sorts of household chores, you will surely benefit from having a candle manicure. You will be blown away after the treatment!

The use of melted candle is said to help build a barrier that can protect your hands from ending up dry. What’s more, the heat has a soothing effect, allowing both your nails and hands to look their best. Time spent undergoing a candle manicure also helps combat stress, which allows you to look glowing, healthy and happy.

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So without further ado, below you will find the very simple steps on how to replicate candle manicure at home, saving you from spending lots of cash. Again, while it’s possible to have it performed on your own, it is highly recommendable to ask for somebody’s assistance, in particular one who knows how to give a manicure.


Light the Manicure Candle

Allow the candle to burn and collect enough wax as you arrange all the rest of your manicuring needs. Let the lovely scent of the candle of your choice fill the room for your utmost relaxation.

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Exfoliate the Hands with a Sugar Scrub

Combine some brown sugar and a little olive oil. Gently have your hands scrubbed with the mixture to get rid of excess dead skin cells, leaving your hands soft and smooth. Afterwards, remove the sugar scrub mixture with a warm and damp towel. Make sure that no grain remains.


Massage Your Hands

Using the massage oil of your choice, have your hands massaged to improve blood circulation in the area. The lovelier the scent of the massage oil, the better. The goal, after all, is to feel like a queen. Again, wipe off excess massage oil with a warm and damp towel.


Cover Your Hands with Candle Wax

Now comes the main part — having your hands covered with melted candle wax. Use a small spatula to scoop out some of the melted wax. Have it massaged on the hands as it cools and hardens. Allow the wax to stay in place for a few minutes, allowing it to weave its magic.


Remove the Dried Wax

Last but not least, remove the dried candle wax. Make sure that none of it remains by wiping your hands with a warm and damp towel. Afterwards, perform the rest of the manicure, from shaping your nails to applying polish.






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