Why is Glycolic Acid Good for the Skin?

Glycolic acid is a common ingredient in many skin care products, but many of us are quite clueless as to what it is and how it works. This acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid which is quite different from the types of salicylic and lactic acids because of its minute size. This allows glycolic acid to penetrate into the skin deeply where it can treat any blemishes, uneven tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin issues that you may have.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid

Why is glycolic acid an integral part of any skin care product? Well, there are numerous benefits to this ingredient such as:

Refines pores

One of the benefits associated with glycolic acid is the fact that it can help unclog, diminish, and even refine the skin by removing any excess sebum, oil, makeup, and dirt from your skin. You can use glycolic acid after your nightly cleansing to give your skin a thorough cleaning.

Acne treatment

If you are prone to acne breakouts, you’re probably wishing that you can find a way to make these bumps on your skin disappear. The good news is that glycolic acid does help alleviate your acne problem because of its ability to penetrate the skin deeply to target the cysts that are lying there. It also promotes cell turnover so that healthy skin will appear sooner while getting rid of any blemishes are left behind by your acnes.

Protects against ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs can happen from time to time where the hair strand grows inward rather than out. You may prod at it until the hair is removed, but this is not advisable as it may cause more damage to your skin and leave you at risk of bacteria. Fortunately, glycolic acid can be used to prevent it from happening in the first place. Glycolic acid can be used to exfoliate the skin so that there is no chance of ingrown hairs from cropping up. You can use it when you shave to prevent ingrown hairs from growing.

Better penetration

Like it was mentioned before, glycolic acid can penetrate the skin deeper on its own, but when it is combined with other ingredients, it also brings these important ingredients to where they are needed to be which is deep inside the skin to treat any blemishes, lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and the like.

Exfoliates the skin

Glycolic acid has been found to be effective in exfoliating the skin which is needed from time to time to help healthy skin to appear. Another reason why exfoliating is good for you is that it helps the skin to release sebum naturally. Exfoliating can prevent the formation of black heads as well as clogged pores when done regularly.

Minimizes keratosis pilaris

What else is glycolic acid good for? If you have keratosis pilaris, or more commonly known as chicken skin, you will find that glycolic acid can minimize their appearance. Use this instead of an abrasive scrub since glycolic acid is gentler on the skin. Not only will it help unclog your pores but it can also dissolve any dry skin present.

Promotes natural glow

Another reason why glycolic acid is useful to your skin is because it actually promotes that natural glow to your skin. It helps in keeping your skin soft, smooth, and evenly textured which can result to that natural, healthy glow.

With all these benefits associated with glycolic acid, it’s not surprising that many skin care products are using it as one of their ingredients. You can use it as is or mixed with other healthy ingredients for your skin.

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