Reasons for You to Eat Nectarines

Nectarines used to be native to China but they are now cultivated in various parts of the globe such as India and Greece. In the US, the leading producer of this fruit is California. Because of the fact that nectarines are grown practically worldwide, you are not going to have a difficult time getting your hands on them.

And why should you purchase and consume nectarines? For one, they are so easy to love taste-wise. Actually, nectarines are related to peaches for which they are commonly mistaken.

There are many ways for you to consume nectarines. Many people love to eat them as they are. But then these fruits are also commonly turned into jams and jellies. Nectarines also make for wonderful additions to fruit salads and as toppings for ice cream, oatmeal, yogurt and an assortment of baked goodies such as pies and tarts.

Regardless of how you prefer to enjoy them, one thing remains true: nectarines are so good for you. Here are a few of the health benefits they bring, courtesy of their impressive nutritional profile:

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Nectarines are excellent sources of potassium, and that’s why their consumption is perfect for hypertensive people. Potassium helps keep high blood pressure in check by causing the blood vessels to become dilated. Keeping the blood pressure within the healthy range can help in considerably lowering one’s heart disease risk.

What’s more, nectarines also contain impressive amounts of fiber. Medical experts say that a diet that’s rich in fiber can help in lowering both cholesterol and blood pressure, thus keeping the cardiovascular system out of harm’s way.

Improved Skin Appearance

Being rich in fiber, nectarines help sweep out toxins that have accumulated within the body, and this helps in making the skin look glowing and healthy.

Additionally, nectarines supply the body with skin-beneficial vitamin C. There are a couple of reasons why this vitamin can help improve the appearance of your skin. First, its antioxidant properties help neutralize free radicals before they damage skin cells. Second, vitamin C is important for the synthesis of skin-firming protein called collagen.

Optimum Eye Health and Vision

There is another vitamin present in nectarines, and that is vitamin A. Just like vitamin C, this particular nutrient is also beneficial for the skin since it has antioxidant properties, too. In fact, it saves the skin from being damaged by UV rays. However, vitamin A is more known for keeping the eyes healthy and the vision sharp.

Since nectarines are excellent sources of vitamin A, consuming them on a regular basis can help save your eyes from diseases that can lead to vision loss. Some examples are cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Reduction of Excess Pounds

When consumed in moderation, nectarines can be very beneficial for anyone who is trying to get rid of unwanted weight. It’s for the fact that they are rich in water and fiber, both of which can help stave off overeating. Since they are very low in fat, nectarines are perfect for someone who likes to please his or her sweet tooth without gaining weight.

Additionally, medical experts say that antioxidants in nectarines help fight off inflammation, something that can be blamed for weight gain as well as difficulty in getting rid of excess pounds.

Decreased Risk of Various Diseases

Speaking of inflammation, there are so many health problems that can arise because of it. Other than obesity, some other ones include arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

Thanks to antioxidants present abundantly in nectarines, the consumption of these fruits on a regular basis may help in lowering your chance of winding up with a disease that can stem from inflammation. Just make sure that you pair your regular intake of nectarines with good eating habits and a lifestyle that’s active and healthy.

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