FitnessMust-Try Exercises for Dads

Must-Try Exercises for Dads

First time fathers often push their fitness time to one side as caring for their newborn becomes top priority, but do you really need to forget about your own health at this point? There are a lot of dads out there who find juggling their workout sessions and caring for their baby an unachievable goal but this is not really true. As a matter of fact, you will need to make yourself strong what with all the carrying, lifting, and rocking that you are going to do with your little bundle of joy.

So which exercises should you do as a father? Well, here are a few to get you started.

  • Baby bicep curls. Stand with your legs at shoulder-width apart and your dumbbell held at your side with palm facing away from you. Bend arm to raise the weight up to your shoulder. If the new baby is not your first one, you can increase the challenge by performing the curls while in a squat position.
  • Rescue squat lifts. There are times when you need to be quick on lifting your little one out of harms way but if your muscles are not properly trained, you might pull a muscle somewhere. The best way to combat this is through squats. Stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart then bend your knees to lower yourself into a squat. Go as low as you can manage without toppling over or backward. Hold this for a few seconds then go back to your first position. Hold a weight to make this squat more challenging or to prepare yourself when your baby is already at his toddler stage.
  • Goblet squats. As a dad, there are times when you will be left alone to fend for yourself and your baby as your wife rests up. So if you don’t want to wake her up because of a wailing child whom you accidentally dropped or bumped into something, you will need to make your quads and arms stronger than before. A good exercise for this is to do the goblet squats. Stand straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Hold one end of a dumbbell in both hands and held in front of your chest. While keeping your back straight, engage your core then bend knees to lower yourself into a squat.
  • Fantasy flying. Sooner or later your baby will ask you to make them fly which means you need to develop those arms and fast. Doing chest presses is the best solution for this. Lie down on your back on a bench then hold a barbell with both hands and positioned on top of your chest. Raise the weight upwards and hold for a few seconds before going back to your first position. Do 10 reps to complete one set.
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These are just a few examples of must-try exercises for dads who want to stay on top of their game for the new addition to their family. Incorporating these exercises to your daily fitness routine will help you strengthen your muscles in time to care for your little one.





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