What Will Happen If You Quit Exercising?

If you are thinking about turning your back on exercising on most days of the week for at least 20 minutes each time, then you are in the right place at the right time. That’s because this article will let you know some of the things that are very much likely to happen if you quit exercising so that you don’t have to find out about them yourself.

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Your Blood Pressure Will Rise

Numerous studies have shown that the arteries of athletes and fitness buffs who abandoned training and hitting the gym became stiff, thus resulting in the elevation of their blood pressure. Doctors say that a blood pressure that’s constantly above 120/80 mmHg is a risk factor for heart disease — the leading cause of deaths worldwide.

Exercising regularly, needless to say, can help keep high blood pressure at bay. It’s for this reason exactly why people who are hypertensive are encouraged by their doctors to move more.

Those Joints May Stiffen

Getting enough physical activity is highly recommended for individuals who are battling arthritis. That’s because leading a sedentary lifestyle can actually increase pain, inflammation and stiffening of their joints.

It goes without saying that quitting working out may leave you experiencing joint pain and inflammation, something that can be debilitating in severe cases. By the way, it’s not just the joints that can benefit from regular exercise, but the bones themselves, too — exercising helps lower a person’s risk of osteoporosis.

Your Glucose Levels Will Increase

People who are suffering from diabetes are encouraged to carefully mind their diet in order to keep their blood glucose levels under control. Similarly, they are strongly advised to get their regular dose of exercise. According to doctors, exercising helps keep the levels of glucose in the bloodstream within the normal and healthy range.

Most especially if diabetes runs in the family or you have some of its risk factors such as obesity and high blood pressure, working out on most days of the week can help in fending off the said disease.

You Might Gain Weight

It’s no secret that one very important component to shedding off excess pounds and keeping them away is regular exercise. This is why taking exercise out of the equation can cause your waistline to expand uncontrollably.

Pair lack of exercise with unhealthy eating habits and stress and you will surely gain unwanted pounds sooner or later. Health authorities confirm that being overweight or obese can keep you from having a long and healthy life because it is associated with so many medical conditions, a lot of which are quite serious.

Losing Sleep is a Possibility

Everyone knows the importance of obtaining 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, the kind that’s restorative. If you quit getting your regular dose of exercise, you may have a hard time enjoying some quality sleep. Failure to get enough rejuvenating shut-eye can leave you feeling exhausted the following day.

One more reason why abandoning working out can cause sleep-related issues is the fact that stress can cause insomnia — one of the best ways to manage high levels of stress is by exercising regularly.

You May End Up Depressed

Mental health experts confirm that getting your regular dose of exercise allows the levels of happy hormones in the brain to increase significantly. Especially if you workout outside under the sun, your body is supplied with enough vitamin D, which is a nutrient that’s known to help lift the mood.

That is why you may end up feeling depressed if you stop exercising. In severe cases, depression can be debilitating and requires treatment with the help of a psychiatrist.

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