Spices to Help Make You Smarter, Slimmer, and Happier

Following a diet can get boring sooner or later, especially with all the restrictions that you have to stick with, but who said that it has to be the same thing again and again? Well, if your diet is no longer making you happy, and you want to regain some semblance of eating a good meal, then adding herbs and spices may help you out. You may not be aware of this, but herbs and spices are actually useful to you beyond making your meals taste better. Among the numerous benefits that they have include reducing your blood sugar levels, fighting inflammation, and even protecting you against dementia just to name a few.

That being said, which herbs and spices should you be adding to your diet? Here are a few that are worth including your diet.


Cinnamon is known for regulating blood sugar, but it has other benefits too such as providing you with manganese which is a mineral that helps keep your bone density. Just a tablespoon of cinnamon is all that you have to use per day. And you don’t even have to use it all up in just one sitting. Shake some into your apples, coffee, or even your oatmeal for that matter.


Latest research shows that cumin is actually considered as a weight loss and that it can actually help you deal with your body fat too. Another reason why you should add cumin is that it can also help reduce your cholesterol as well as your triglycerides. There are studies that show that women who were overweight and added cumin to their diet lost three pounds more compared to those who didn’t take some. Another plus to consuming cumin is that the anti-inflammatories can help reduce stress and boosting your memory as well.


Ginger is often used in many Asian cuisines and it does help give food that extra kick, but did you know that blending this spice with your post-workout shake, can help reduce the inflammation in your muscles? Ginger contains gingerol which is a type of anti-inflammatory that can help reduce muscle pain. Another plus to ginger is that it can even help with reducing your cramps during your menstrual period.


This spice has been around for centuries and has been used to help with arthritis, infections, digestive problems, and even some cancer at times. You’ll find that adding this spice to your diet can help with your gut woes too. If you wish to help reduce your weight, this may help with the process. The best part? You can add it to various dishes from seafood, poultry, vegetable dishes and others.


This particular spice is common in many Indian cuisine and can be helpful if you are trying to curb your hunger because fenugreek can help tone down your need for fat. Another plus to this spice is that it can regulate your blood sugar too. What it does is to stimulate your insulin levels, so that the absorption of sugar in your stomach will go slow. This helps those who have diabetes. You can add a pinch on your yogurt, or even make a dip for your cucumbers too.

These are just a few spices that are actually useful if you are trying to improve your overall health, from your mind, all the way to your body. The best part is that you can get to mix these spices to your daily meals without having any difficulty at all. You might even find that you like the results too!

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