How to Deal With Midweek Malaise

Wednesday is undeniably the most testing day of the week — you already worked your butt off for the past 2 days and yet the weekend is still so far away. It’s exactly for this reason why a lot of hardworking individuals find it extremely challenging to remain motivated and energetic on a hump day.

If you’re one of those people who are prone to encountering the midweek malaise, keep on reading. This article will help make overcoming that dreaded middle-of-the-week slump survivable.

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Give Your Breakfast an Overhaul

If you think that loading up on sugar- and carb-rich breakfast before you head out will give you all the energy you need to make it past Wednesday, better think again. According to experts, it’s something that will only exacerbate that weekend malaise you’re prone to encountering.

Rather, you should opt for a breakfast that will give you a steady dose of energy all Wednesday long.

Nutritionists suggest for you to have scrambled eggs — high quality protein will keep you from being derailed as you countdown until the end of the day. Having a bowl of oats is also a fantastic idea. Certainly, you may top it with healthy toppings like nuts, seeds, blueberries, yogurt and peanut butter.

Reach for a Cup of Green Tea

Did you know that having several cups of coffee will only make the hump day a much bigger nightmare?

Instead of counting on coffee for a steady dose of energy, you should give green tea a try. It’s capable of leaving you energized without causing you to feel jittery. It’s also capable of giving you a mental boost without making you physically exhausted.

There’s no denying that Wednesdays are some of the most stressful and trying days of the workweek. Replacing coffee with green tea can help you stay alert and yet relaxed until the moment you’re ready to go home.

Exercise Before Anything Else

Sure it can be extremely to get out of bed to get the hump day started. According to expert, it’s actually a good idea for you to wake up earlier than normal on a Wednesday. Such allows you to have plenty of time to jog, use your home treadmill or hit the 24-hour gym before you step foot inside the workplace.

Most especially if you’re a fitness buff, getting your dose of exercise first thing on a Wednesday morning helps eliminate one of the most important entry on your to-do list.

Besides, working out allows you to generate all the energy that you will need to survive the middle of the week.

Take Frequent Breaks

It may seem like taking your behind off your office chair to take a break is counterproductive as it can keep you from completing all of your midweek tasks on time.

However, your refusal to take a break can actually make matters worse, especially that midweek malaise.

Each time that there’s an opportunity for you to take a break, make sure that you seize it. You will find it easier to power through Wednesday if you give your mind and body some quick rests. It’s up to you how you would like to spend those few minutes — have a glass of water, do yoga, meditate or write in your journal.

Do you have your own special way of dealing with your midweek malaise? Feel free to share it in the comments section below so that others who have a hard time surviving Wednesday may also give it a try.

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