7 Foods that Boost Your Energy and Your Mood

Our energy levels can dip even before the day ends, and when this happens, our mood can take a hit too. But when it comes to getting that energy boost for the day, most of us prefer to eat pizza and ice cream, instead of eating healthy snacks like kale and nuts.

Although they do offer some instant energy, they don’t really last which can result to sugar crash in just a few hours, plus leave you feeling bloated and sluggish too. If you want to have better control over your energy and your mood, switch to these foods instead.


Craving something sweet? Eating berries may help you find relief from your sweet needs as fruits are considered as nature’s candy which isn’t surprising given the natural sugars that they contain. Aside from berries, you can also have some apples too, which not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will also help increase the amount of water in your body and fill your belly up as well for steady energy levels.


Good news chocolate lovers, science agrees that eating chocolate can help improve our mood, but before you gorge on milk chocolate, what experts recommend is eating a small amount of dark chocolate instead. Studies show that eating about 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate for two weeks can actually reduce one’s cortisol and stress levels in those who are working in a highly stressed environment. It is possible that the antioxidants that are found in dark chocolate can help with your cortisol levels.

Oatmeal and oats

Oats and oatmeal are actually recommended for helping you gain some energy thanks to the complex carbohydrates that they contain. Another plus to the carbs that you are getting from these foods is that they support serotonin production which is a type of neurotransmitter in the brain that regulates sleep, mood, as well as appetite.

Green tea

If you are having a bad day, sipping a cup of green tea can also be useful to helping soothe your senses, boost your mood, and even keep your nerves calm and controlled. Based on Japanese study, elderly people who drink two to three cups of green tea per day can reduce depressive symptoms significantly. This may be linked to various mood-boosting nutrients like L-theanine. Another plus to green tea is that it comes with caffeine which can help give your energy a boost.


Another healthy snack that you can use to give you that source of energy that you need for the day as well as boost to your mood is avocado. Avocados are not only creamy, but their texture makes you want to eat more. Not everyone is aware of the health benefits of this fruit where it is known to contain plenty of essential fats. You can use it in place of butter in some recipes, or puree it for dipping purposes.


If you are often feeling anxious, adding salmon or other wild caught fish to your diet, like tuna, mackerel, and herring, is highly recommended as experts show that these types of fish come packing with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which are actually useful when it comes to boosting your mood.


Typically considered as an aphrodisiac, oysters can do more than just improve your sex life. As a matter of fact, oysters are one of the best sources of zinc which can boost your overall mood. It helps make you sleep better plus it makes you feel better afterwards too. How cool is that?

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