Healthy Picks Health Benefits of Pattypans

Health Benefits of Pattypans

If you think that pattypans have an unusual name, wait until you come across them in person! They’re probably some of the most extraordinarily-shaped fresh produce on the face of the planet. Pattypans, thanks to their really interesting appearance, are also sometimes called scallop squash, sunburst squash and button squash.

Belonging to the gourd family and related to zucchini, pattypans are easy to incorporate in your diet because they taste a tad sweeter than zucchini and possess a thicker consistency, too. Young and tender pattypans are best for cooking because mature ones tend to have fibrous flesh.

Speaking of which, the flesh of pattypans is cream in color. On the outside, however, pattypans tend to sport different colors. Sometimes they are golden yellow, but other times they are white, pale green or deep green. Regardless of their outside coloration, one thing remains the same — pattypans are good for you!

Here are some of the reasons why you should consume these vegetables with a really eye-catching shape:

Better Vision

Pattypans are phenomenal sources of vitamin A. Including them in your diet helps lower your risk of ending up with an eye disease, such as macular degeneration. This and many other problems concerning the eyes have to be avoided because one of the complications associated with them is blurring or even complete loss of vision.

Stronger Immune System

Another nutrient found copiously in pattypans is vitamin C which is a well-known antioxidant. Especially if you often find yourself resting in bed because of a bout of flu or cold, it’s a good idea for you to regularly consume pattypans — its vitamin C content is a wonderful strengthener of your immune system.

Optimum Digestion

Since pattypans are loaded with fiber, it’s a great addition to the diet if you want your GI tract to stay in an excellent shape. It’s for the fact that fiber facilitates the process of digestion and promotes the sweeping out of waste products. What’s more, fiber in pattypans encourages the multiplication of those good bacteria residing in your gut.

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Healthier Heart

Consuming pattypans on a regular basis is good for your heart because it’s rich in fiber that helps lower cholesterol. There are also tons of antioxidants in pattypans, making these vegetables superb fighters of inflammation. Heart disease is just one of the many health nightmares that are associated with inflammation.

Slimmer Figure

If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure that you eliminate those unhealthy foods like chips and fries and replace them with vegetables. Definitely, you should have pattypans on a regular basis as they are low in calories, plus they’re so filling due to the fact that they are packed with fiber that makes your tummy feel really heavy.

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Reduced Birth Defects

A pregnant woman should include pattypans in her diet most especially during the first few months of her being in the family way. That’s because one of the many nutrients found in pattypans is folate. A type of B vitamin, folate helps ensure the proper development of the brain and spinal cord of a developing fetus, warding off neural tube defects.

The above are some of the perks that come with the consumption of pattypans! It’s quite obvious that these nutritious fresh produce should be served on the table on a regular basis.

When shopping for pattypans, it’s a great idea to opt for smaller ones. While large ones can make it seem like you are getting a lot more for your money, the truth is they are more fibrous, which make them a challenge to cook and eat. Also, look for pattypans whose skins have bright colors and free of any spot or bruise.

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