RemediesHome Remedies for Mosquito Bites (Adults and Babies)

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites (Adults and Babies)

Mosquito bites are some of the peskiest things on the planet. They hurt and itch, plus they can lead to infections and scarring. It’s a good idea to keep at bay being bitten by mosquitoes because although they are tiny, they are carriers of some of the most serious diseases out there, like malaria and dengue.

Luckily, there are so many ways to ward off mosquito bites. Unfortunately, those darned flying insects can always look for nifty ways to feast on your blood!

Below you will find some of the best home remedies for mosquito bites. Later on in the article, you will also come across a few ones that are suited for dealing with mosquito bites on babies. Read on!

Green Tea

You can daub green tea that’s allowed to cool to room temperature on mosquito bites to attain relief from both itchiness and inflammation. Green tea that’s been stashed in the fridge for several minutes works best! If you’re prone to being bitten by mosquitoes, keep used green tea bags in the refrigerator and use them during emergencies.


Something as simple as applying a little honey on every mosquito bite can work wonders. Not only will honey make the pain and itchiness go away, but also ward off an infection that can worsen matters.

Aloe Vera

The gel inside the aloe vera leaf is a superb fighter of mosquito bites, thanks to the loads of antioxidants and vitamin E it contains. Worry not if you cannot get your hands on a fresh aloe vera leaf. That’s because you may also zap those mosquito bites by applying 100% pure aloe vera juice on them.

Rubbing Alcohol

So many people swear by the effectiveness of daubing rubbing alcohol on mosquito bites. It helps keep an infection from happening, plus the cooling effect helps soothe the pain. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer can also work.


Do you have basil in your garden or on your kitchen window sill? Then you have easy access to an effective natural remedy for mosquito bites. Simply grab a leaf, crush, and apply on trouble spots. By the way, basil is also an excellent repellent as those pesky mosquitoes don’t like the herb’s characteristic smell.

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Baking Soda

You can come up with a special mosquito-bite soothing paste by adding a few drops of water to baking soda. Daub on mosquito bites and leave it there in place until it’s dry. No need to wash off the paste.

Ice Cube

You can attain much-needed relief from mosquito bites with the help of ice cubes. However, refrain from placing an ice cube directly on your skin. The right way to do it is by wrapping the ice cube in a small piece of cloth, such as a hand towel. Apply on mosquito bites for a few minutes.

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Last but not least, you may chop a clove of garlic and massage it on mosquito bites. Similarly, you may also mince a small piece of onion, and then use a cotton swab to apply the juice on each and every bite mark that you have.

So what should you do if it’s your baby that has mosquito bites, which can definitely break the heart of a parent like you? Here are some home remedies for mosquito bites that are perfect for babies:

– Wet compress. Dip a cotton swab in cold water and then apply on mosquito bites for a soothing effect. 

– Baking soda paste. The baking soda paste recommended earlier also works great for little ones. 

– Salt paste. You may also come with a baby-safe paste for mosquito bites with fine salt and a little water. 

– Honey. You may daub a little honey on those blasted mosquito bites for immediate relief. 

– Calamine lotion. Available OTC, this can help give your baby instant relief from mosquito bites.

If it seems like the mosquito bites look infected or really swollen, it’s a good idea to immediately take your baby to a doctor for your peace of mind.

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