RemediesAcidity Causes, Symptoms, Remedies

Acidity Causes, Symptoms, Remedies

Acidity, also associated with hyperacidity, refers to the condition or a set of symptoms that result from excessive production of acid by the stomach gastric glands. This may bring pain and discomfort to a person, which may negatively affect his daily activities. The following are the causes, signs and symptoms, and home remedies for acidity.


Acidity or increased acid production in the stomach has several causes. According to Health Guidance, these include irregular meals; eating fiber-rich, spicy, and oily food choices;stomach ulcers or cancers; stress; bacterial infection; and lack of sufficient sleep. As per the publication, acidity is primarily due to a person’s dietary habits.

Signs and Symptoms

Acidity presents various signs and symptoms. According to Web MD, these include heartburn, a burning pain or discomfort that can be felt from the stomach to the abdomen, chest, or throat, and regurgitation, or a sour or bitter-tasting acid that goes back to the throat or mouth. As per the publication, other symptoms may include bloating, burping, dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing, hiccups, nausea, weight loss, blood in the vomitus, and bloody or black stools. Respiratory symptoms like dry cough, wheezing, hoarseness, and chronic sore throat may also be part of the symptomatology.

Home Remedies

While medications like antacids may be prescribed to control and neutralize the gastric acid level, home remedies can also be done as supplemental management to the condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar

While apple cider vinegar, also called ACV, is a weak form of acid, it still serves as one of the remedies for acidity. As per Mercola, acid reflux is a result of lack of acid in the stomach, so it can be resolved by taking a tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a large glass of water.


Cinnamon is one of the ingredients in making pastries and other meals. Aside from the kitchen, it also has its medicinal use. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, cinnamon also serves as a natural antacid, which promotes the release of stomach gas. To to prepare a tea, as per the publication, half teaspoon of cinnamon powder is added in a cup of water. Next, it is brought to a bowl and is allowed to steep for a few minutes. Then, the tea is consumed twice or thrice a day. The publication also suggests adding cinnamon powder to salad or soup.

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Cold Milk

Another remedy for acidity is cold milk. While milk may contain a certain level of acid, it is an excellent calcium source, which allows it to prevent acid accumulation and absorb unneeded acid supply in the body, according to The Health Site. As per the publication, the cold temperature of the beverage helps relieve the burning sensation felt in the abdominal area during acid reflux. It is added that the cold milk should not have sugar additives for best results.

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Chewing Gum

One interesting remedy for acidity is chewing a piece of gum. As per the “Journal of Dental Research,” as cited by Everyday Roots, people with symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD experienced relief after their consumption of a sugar-free gum for 30 minutes following a meal. As per the report, chewing gum stimulates saliva production and secretion by the salivary glands. Since saliva is also a fluid, it dilutes acid build-up in the stomach. This results to acid clear-up, which leads to the resolution

Acidity may cause discomfort to a person and negatively affect his optimal health and activities of daily living. Along with the aforementioned home remedies, the person may also seek medical consult for further assessment, planning, intervention, education, and evaluation.

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