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Common Cooking Mistakes You’re Probably Making and How to Fix Them

Whether you cook every day for your family or someone who burns their easy mix Mac n cheese, there is something you have in common. Not just the need to eat, but making mistakes in the kitchen. Even professional chefs make mistakes. So, it is no surprise you would too. However, sometimes we aren’t aware of these mistakes that we keep repeating them each and every time giving us unsatisfactory results. Whether you are someone who is always in a rush or feel a bit lazy in the kitchen, we all tend to have a bad kitchen or cooking habits. These habits often become common mistakes we do. We all want to be better cooks. To help you get on your way, here are some common cooking mistakes and how you can fix them.

Not Letting the Meat Sit

When we are hungry, we don’t really like waiting. Even when we order food at the restaurant we want the food to be there as soon as finish ordering. So, imagine cooking the food yourself. We tend to get over excited and start cutting into the beautiful produce you’ve just grilled. This can really affect the taste of your meat. It is important to let your meat sit at least 5 minutes after cooking. This will allow the meat and the flavors to evenly distribute throughout. Letting it sit can also help cook the meat a few more minutes without making the meat too tough.

Not Trying Your Food

When you cook, do you tend to taste everything or just when everything is finished? Even if you follow the recipe to the T, you should still taste your food. Not all of us have the same preference. So, tasting it every few steps of the way can help you adjust it to your taste. This is also a great lesson for you as a cook. This can help teach you how certain flavors and seasoning change the final taste of your food. Never taste your food only when you are about to set everything on the plate.

Not Reading the Whole Recipe

We’ve all seen cooking competition where they are required to follow a recipe. A big mistake contestants tend to make is to not read the whole recipe before starting cooking. They’ll notice too late that they needed to do something earlier in the recipe or were required to marinate something overnight. This is a big mistake for new cooks. You can prevent all of this by simply taking the time to read the whole recipe. If you really have time, you can even organize the recipe to a proper step by step without missing any procedure.

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Not Estimating the Serving

When you are not following the proper portion of the recipe, we can make the mistakes of preparing and cooking too much food. This can lead to overcrowding in the pan. This can greatly affect the final product. This can cause an uneven heat distribution in the pan, causing some parts to be overcooked and some under. Instead of making this mistake, use a proper portioning method and if you really have prepared too much or were already planning to create a huge portion. Separate them in different pans and cook them in different batches.

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Flipping your Meat Too Much

How many times should you flip your meat when you are cooking? The right answer is once. Flipping it too much can reduce the natural juices of the meat. You can peek at the meat to make sure that it is not over cooked, but do not flip it when it is still uncooked. This is a big mistake of people that are new to grilling.

Cooking After Removing From the Fridge

You should allow your meat or any produce to thaw before cooking. If you start cooking it as soon as you take it out of the fridge, there will be a huge chance that you can get an uneven cook or even a raw center. If you really don’t have the time, you can use your microwave to thaw it or dip it in hot water for a few minutes.

Cooking isn’t rocket science, but we all have to admit that it requires a lot of skills and knowledge to get right. If you have no idea what you are doing and easily commit common cooking mistakes, there is a huge chance that your meals will not go as well as planned. We hope that these lists were able to help you identify some of the common mistakes you probably are making and how to fix them. Is there anything we’ve missed? Is there a common cooking mistake you tend to do and what did you do to fix it? Share your stories and tips here with us!






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