Medicinal Plants to Grow

Gardening is one of the best ways for you to alleviate your stress and improve the overall look of your outdoors too, but why stop there? If you are looking for ideas on what more can you do to improve your garden, why not try growing medicinal plants? Medicinal plants number in the dozen and having them around can help you treat different illnesses in a flash. So which medicinal plants should you start with? Here are some suggestions to consider.


Drinking chamomile tea can help calm and soothe the nerves and can improve the quality of your sleep too which is why adding it in your garden is one of the best ways to have it on hand all the time. You can use the flowers of this herbal plant to make salves and even infusions to help treat indigestion, colic, skin inflammation and irritation, tension, as well as anxiety attacks. 

Aloe vera 

This plant is quite easy to grow and can actually be used to treat various health issues such as dandruff, cuts, wounds, acne breakouts, and even sunburn. The gel inside the leaf contains various vitamins and minerals that promote healing and can soothe inflammation and irritation. You can use it to relieve chronic constipation and other digestive problems too. 


Feverfew is a nice addition to any garden as you can use both the flowers and leaves when making teas. If you are suffering from headache pain, chew on the leaves of this plant. You can even use this herb to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis as well as treat various skin conditions too. 


Another useful addition to your garden is Echinacea. You’ve probably heard about this medicinal plant being bandied about in many health circles which is not surprising given that this herb is associated with healing sores and wounds, treating allergies, even burns. 

Lemon balm 

The lemon balm falls in the family of mint and can be used to relieve insomnia, herpes, flatulence, anxiety, wounds, insect bites, and even upset stomach. You can also use it to treat cold sores if you have them. 

Pot marigold 

Adding marigold in your garden not only brightens your place up but it can also be used to treat various skin issues. You can also use it to address bug and insect bites, wounds, and sore eyes. You can also use pot marigold to reduce the appearance of varicose veins even. 


You shouldn’t forget to add peppermint in your list of medicinal plants to grow in your garden because you can use its leaves to relieve headaches. This is also useful when you are suffering from indigestion and gas even. If you need to wake yourself up, crush some peppermint leaves between your hands and inhale its scent. 

St. John’s wort 

If you are suffering from mild depression, your doctor would probably recommend St. John’s wort. You can use its flowers and leaves as part of your tea to alleviate your bouts of depression.

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