Boswellia Health Benefits You Should Know Of

Chronic inflammation is often the pre-cursors to many ailments. This has been studied for ages and until now, researchers are targeting the inflammation in the body to prevent any diseases from forming. Modern medicines do have anti-inflammatories but they do come with side effects that we just can’t deal with. Finding an alternative solution to the problem, on the other hand, seems to yield better results. Here we will be learning more about what boswellia is all about and why it is a great option to consider when you are trying to deal with inflammation in your body.

What is Boswellia?

Boswellia is a type of Ayurvedic herb that came from frankincense. This particular herb has been around for centuries and has been used to deal with inflammation in the body. This can be used topically or ingested orally depending on how it is going to be used. Herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners can provide you with the right dosage for the extract if you are looking for another solution to your inflammation woes. You can even use this ingredient on your shakes and smoothies. Studies have shown that taking this herb along with other healthy food can yield better results.

Benefits of Boswellia

So what can you get when you take Boswellia? Here are a few known health benefits associated with it.

Manage irritable bowels

If you are suffering from chronic inflammation, you’re probably experiencing tissue and muscle irritation in your bowels as well as your colon. Those who have taken boswellia noticed that they didn’t suffer much from bloating as well as pain caused by an upset stomach. What’s more, they didn’t suffer from diarrhea too much. Researchers believe that this herb can help regulate one’s digestive system with regular use.

Improves skin condition

Another possible benefit that you can get from boswellia is that it can improve your skin’s condition by fighting off any signs of wrinkles, and aging. There are many beauty products that are using this ingredient because of its amazing effects to the skin. Check out your current beauty products and some of them may have this ingredient listed in it.

Relieves osteoarthritis

Boswellia can help minimize the effects of osteoarthritis flareups. Since this herb has anti-inflammatory properties, you will find that any swelling or inflammation in your joints will be lessened significantly. You can use it as a topical cream or ingest the herb alongside healthy foods to get the best results.

Improves one’s mood

Diffusing boswellia extract can help improve one’s mood and can actually liven up one’s feelings especially when they are feeling particularly sad. Those who have already inhaled the scent of boswellia know that they felt better afterwards.

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