Health Benefits of Having Elephant Apples Regularly

Elephant apples are the fruits of an evergreen medium-sized tree called the elephant apple tree or chulta, and it is widely grown in various parts of Southeast Asia like Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The said tree is being used for medicinal purposes for so many years now, in particular its leaves and bark.

Going back to the fruits themselves, elephant apples possess a sour taste. In order to get to the edible pulp, one has to smash an elephant apple against a hard surface or with a hammer — its husk is very, very tough!

Are you wondering why elephant apples are called that way? Well, here’s the reason: elephants are really fond of eating these exotic fruits. In fact, in some areas where there are lots of elephants and elephant apple trees, it’s forbidden by the law to have the fruits picked!

While elephant apples are highly edible fruits, the truth is they are rarely eaten as they are in areas of the planet where they are native to. Again, it’s for their sour flavor. Because of this, elephant apples are commonly turned into jellies and jams. Elephant apples are also often used for flavoring various Asian dishes such as curries.

No matter how one wishes to consume elephant apples, there is no questioning that they are good for the body. It’s for the fact that elephant apples are loaded with an assortment of health-giving nutrients Regardless if you eat them in the form of jam or as part of a dish, you will surely obtain an impressive number of perks.

Here are some of those perks that elephant apples are known to offer:

Lowered Blood Pressure

Sick and tired of eating bananas just to keep your blood pressure within the normal range courtesy of the potassium in them? Don’t give up because there are many other fruits out there that supply the body with potassium, too, and elephant apples are some of them. With these exotic treats, it can be easier to keep high blood pressure at bay.

Boosted Eye Health

Elephant apples are good sources of vitamin A — yes, that nutrient known to be very important for keeping the eyes healthy and the vision 20/20. Eye specialists say that there are a number of eye issues that can actually lead to vision loss, and many of them can be prevented from striking via a diet that’s rich in vitamin A.

Improved Resistance to Infections

Another vitamin that you can obtain from elephant apples is vitamin C. We all know that the said nutrient is very important for maintaining a strong immune system. If you are prone to having the flu, cold or any other type of infection, then regularly consuming vitamin C-rich fruits such as elephant apples can work to your utmost advantage.

Delayed Aging of the Skin

Vitamin C is also highly beneficial for people who want to look young. It’s for the fact that it is essential for the synthesis of collagen, which is a type of protein that helps make your skin firm so that it can become less susceptible to wrinkling. Also, vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights off free radicals that accelerate skin aging.

Sustained Energy Levels

Then there are also B vitamins present in abundant amounts in elephant apples. If you end up feeling weak quite easily, then consuming these fruits native to Southeast Asia can help in making you energetic. By the way, B vitamins are not only energy generators — they are also important for keeping your brain and nerve cells in an excellent condition.

Optimized RBC Count

Elephant apples also supply the body with iron, and this only means that it may be consumed on a regular basis by those who are suffering from iron-deficiency anemia. There is another reason why eating elephant apples is good for your blood, and it’s for the fact that it helps in flushing out impurities and toxic substances in the bloodstream.


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