Healthy PicksWhy You Should Try Consuming Snake Beans

Why You Should Try Consuming Snake Beans

Are you fond of eating Chinese vegetable stir-fries? Chances are you have already come across snake beans several times in the past without you knowing it.

This article will tell you all about some of the health benefits you can enjoy simply for consuming them. After reading this, kindly repost this online to get your family and friends introduced to snake beans, too!

Snake beans are called that way because they can grow up to at least 15 inches in length. However, you are not going to have a glimpse of their entirety as they are commonly snapped into smaller pieces prior to cooking. Aside from the immature pods, the leaves of snake beans are also consumed as vegetables.

Other than being sautéed or stir-fried with other vegetables, snake beans are also ideal for roasting or grilling together with chicken or beef.

Let’s now take a look at some of the health benefits to enjoy for consuming snake beans:

Increased Muscle Mass

Snake beans are good sources of protein that helps build and repair muscles. It’s not just those who like to bulk up that should include snake beans in their diet, but also those who wish to slim down — having more muscles speeds up the metabolism, allowing the person to burn more calories in half the time.

Optimized Digestion

Every serving of snake beans is loaded with dietary fiber, and that’s why their consumption can help in improving the process of digestion. That’s because fiber encourages the stomach to produce enough digestive enzymes and juices, thus making it easier for the stomach to break down food.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Another benefit provided by fiber present in snake beans is regulated bowel movement. If it seems like you are straining while seated on the toilet, it’s a good idea for you to regularly consume snake beans and other fiber-containing vegetables. Experts say that a diet that’s high in fiber may also lower colorectal cancer risk.

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Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Snake beans are also known to help lower a person’s risk of having heart disease. It’s for the fact that fiber found in these lengthy pods are capable of removing bad cholesterol, which helps not only in unclogging the arteries but also lowering the blood pressure.

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Reduced Risk of Birth Defects

Pregnant women should regularly eat snake beans in order to keep the growing babies in their bellies out of harm’s way. Experts say that folate found abundantly in snake beans is capable of lowering risk of neural tube defects — birth defects of the brain and spinal cord that could affect fetuses.

Strengthened Immunity

There is also vitamin C present in snake beans, and we all know that this nutrient is important for keeping the immune system strong. But other than helping to lower infection risk, vitamin C in snake beans also helps keep the skin healthy and youthful, and it is also needed by the gums to stay in a great shape.

Lowered Bouts of Gout

Finally, the inclusion of snake beans in the diet is also perfect for people who are suffering from gout — a disease which is characterized by joint pain due to increased uric acid in the blood. The consumption of snake beans, according to experts, helps lower uric acid levels, thus keeping gout at bay.

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