Sore Feet Home Remedies

Foot pain or sore feet is a common occurrence which isn’t really surprising as our feet are one of the most used organs of our body. Just imagine the weight your feet carries every day not to mention the distance that you walk. The pain can be felt in the heels, toes, arches, or even the soles of your feet which can be quite uncomfortable unless you treat it immediately. Fortunately, there is no shortage of home remedies that you can try to alleviate the pain in your feet and some of these are:

Vinegar. Vinegar is a good home remedy to use for sore feet as it can help reduce inflammation. Fill a regular sized tub with water then add two tablespoons of vinegar in it. You can add some Epsom salt if you like to further enhance the healing process. Soak your feet in it for 20 minutes then rinse.

Hydromassage. Here is another home treatment that is guaranteed to relieve sore feet. All that you have to do is fill a tub with cold water and the other with warm water. Soak your feet in the cold water for five minutes then another five minutes on the warm tub. Do this alternately to reduce constriction in your blood vessels and muscles.

Ice. This is one of the easiest ways to alleviate sore feet. Just crush a few pieces of ice and place them in a plastic bag or ice pack. Use it to massage the tender flesh. The cold will help numb the affected area and reduce the swelling. A word of caution though. Do not use the ice pack for more than 10 minutes as it might damage your blood vessels and veins.

Massage. Another home remedy that can provide relief from the soreness of your feet is to massage them. You can purchase a roller that is designed for the soles of the feet or, if you have a tennis ball, use it to massage the affected area.

Cayenne pepper. The presence of capsaicin in cayenne pepper is one of the reasons why pepper is a good remedy for sore feet because it can relieve muscle pain, arthritis pain, and even lower back pain when applied properly. For sore feet, just add some cayenne pepper on your feet before putting on your socks to keep them warm. You can also make a foot soak of water and cayenne pepper to alleviate the problem.

Shoe inserts. For those whose sore feet are due because of their fallen arches or flat feet, you might want to use shoe inserts. These inserts add cushion to your feet so they won’t feel sore after a long day of walking and standing.

These home remedies are guaranteed to relieve you of the sharp pain that we sometimes feel from our feet. Massaging your feet or soaking them in hot water are guaranteed to boost blood circulation so your muscles and veins won’t constrict too much.







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