Remedies Cataract Causes and Remedies

Cataract Causes and Remedies

Cataract is one of the visual or eye disorders that people know today. It refers to the progressive opacity of the lens, which leads to a blurred vision. Common in the elderly, cataract may affect one or both eyes, disabling a person to see the things around him clearly. Thus, it increases his risk of bumps, falls, or other accidents. The following are the causes, signs and symptoms, and home remedies for cataract.


Cataracts have various possible causes. The condition may be due to health problems like eye conditions, diabetes, or past eye surgery. In addition, chronic use of steroid medications increases a person’s risk for cataract development. As per the publication, cataract forms when the eye lenses lose their flexibility, transparency, and thinness. As the person ages, the lens tissues break down and then clump together, resulting to the formation of clouding within the lens. Progression of the disorder leads to more clouding involving a larger part of the lens. Then, the cataract scatters and blocks the light as it passes the lens, disabling the retina to see a high definition image.

Signs and Symptoms

Cataract presents various symptoms. According to National Eye Institute, these include cloudy or blurry vision, faded colors, glare or lights appearing too bright, poor night vision, double vision or multiple images in one eye, and frequent prescription changes in the eyeglasses or contact lenses. As per the publication, the aforementioned symptoms can also be present in order eye disorders, so presence of such symptoms should direct the person to seek medical consult with an eye care professional.

Home Remedies

While cataract removal is suggested by some medical professionals as surgical management for the eye disorder, home remedies can also be done to manage the condition.

Garlic Cloves

Aside from being an antihypertensive or agent that reduces the blood pressure, garlic cloves also serves as a remedy for cataract. According to Find Home Remedy, garlic cleanses the lens, which is comparable to cleaning the body with soap and water. As per the publication, the person just has too ingest two to three garlic cloves daily.

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Leafy Greens, Bell Peppers, Carrots

Three other agents that act as cataract remedies include leafy greens, bell peppers, and carrots. According to Belmarra Health, the aforementioned food sources are rich in carotenoids like lutein, and vitamin C. Lutein acts as a light filter, which safeguards the eye tissues from sunlight damage. Then, vitamin C raises the eyes’ and the body’s defenses against illness and infection. Vitamin C also promotes the function of the agent collagen, which acts as cement and helps connect loosely bound cells and tissues. To added, these food sources are also excellent sources of vitamin A, the major vitamin for eye health. Also, vitamin A acts as antioxidant, helping the body get rid of unwanted substances like toxins and free radicals.

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Pascalite and Dusty Miller

Another cataract remedy is pascalite. According to Natural News, it is a creamy and white-hued bentonite clay form, which is only found in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. As per the publication, patients who have cataract verbalized that the clay paste application to their eyelids, in addition to the eye drops made from water filtered through the clay, had led to dissolving of their cataracts. Then, dusty miller, with the scientific name Cineraria maratima is an herb whose juice is also known to dissolve cataracts.

Cataract is one of the eye disorders and it is common in the elderly, who are prone to falls and accidents. Thus, it is best to seek medical consult with a physician for proper assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.




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